about 2 years ago my little brother fell asleep in my room bad idea for him well i grabed my make up and started first i put long lasting neon red lipstick and lipgloss on him then i put eyeliner and mascara then blush painted his nail red put him in one of my dresses and bras and panties then i sprayed him with my perfum then i put high heels on him then i hide all his cloths then i had his girlfriend come over and she helped me do his hair he is a every heavy sleeper then she told me to put long lasting lipstick on then kiss me on the face befor it drys so he has kiss marks on his face and he cant get it off so i did bright red she did neon pink then we snaped pics then we reaplide everything back on him like 6 times it was so thick we kissed him like 100 times poor brother not when he woke up he fond out wat we did he didnt want to get out of my room becouse he looked like a girl and i said well your cloths are out side he ran down to the front yard to get his cloths and kids from his school seen him and snaped pics he will never live this down he was like that all day he was a go sport about it my mom even told him that he had to go to the store with her and he did it he stayed in the girl clothes all night we did this at 9;00 in the morning and they got home at 11;00 at night he even had the kiss marks on his body and went out any ways now me and him go shopping all the time i do his make up too becouse he had a sex change yeah i got a sister!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Put makeup on me

This sounds fake, but it's totally my fantasy!

give me a make over it would be awsome and a turn on ;-)

Haha sounds like fun maybe you should give me a makeover one day :)

How can u put a dress on him and do his hair