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Cats and Birthday Parties

I've put makeup on guys a couple of times, sometimes because I've had to, sometimes just because!

My school recently put on the play Cats, which is possibly the most insane musical the world has yet seen. Andrew Llloyd Weber had some mental issues, but I still adore the musical for all the memories it gave me. Besides guys in spandex (which was akward beyond belief, especially when we had to make sure they all had jock straps once!) I, along with some other girls, had to help them with their elaborate face makeup. Most guys fail miserably at putting makeup on, especially stage makeup, so I ended up doing a lot of it for some of the less fortunate. Like mascara and eye liner. It's difficult putting it on someone else, I was afraid I was going to gouge their eyes out! They also seem to not know how to take it off, because at school the next days, there would always be guys from the play wandering around with traces of eye makeup still on. Very funny!

And once, we had a surprise birthday party for my friend and as a surprise, we tackled him in his room, tied him to a chair with a jump rope, and put makeup on him. He looked nice! He was pretty willing too, so we didn't feel all that bad for surprising him. I have some great pictures!

Yellowrhapsody Yellowrhapsody 16-17, F 347 Responses Apr 5, 2008

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I'd love to learn how to apply make up! But I don't know the first difference between a eyeliner and lipliner thingy? LOL! That's what made reading your story enjoyable! I'd probably be one of those guys that kept poking himself in the eye and putting the wrong things on the wrong part of the face.<br />
<br />
But now that I'm coming out as a closet Xdresser, I'd love the opportunity to try some, and to learn how to apply it! Any youtube vids you could upload? XD<br />
<br />
D xx

Hey axd, thanks for stopping by ... sadly, none of us that were involved in this imaginary production ever actually met each other. There are no videos. I do know a couple of cross dressers in real life, and of course lots of girls who wear makeup as well, but personally I would be useless other than to suggest practice, practice, practice ... until you can achieve the look you're going for. Can't hurt to seek the advice of friends that you think do a good job with their own makeup as well. I don't know what part of the world you live in, but there must be (at very least) a department store or pharmacy with a staffed cosmetics counter, where someone could help you with the basics such as which products go where, what colors are best for your tones, best brands are best for your skin type, and things with which you might poke your eye out. Best of luck, though ... are you thinking of doing drag shows, or just more for your own enjoyment?

It's great to hear from you: I'm really super jealous because its all rainy and gross here and I imagine Brazil's a perfect paradise. Hmm, I could definently see a Portuguese finale song in the near future! Little raccoons in the background singing backup to DB, serenading the audience in a language most of them can't understand... it'll be fantastic!

haha how's brazil???<br />
<br />
Brazil sends her love, she says she's doing fabulously and says she will try to vibe you two some of her absolute beauty and cultural waves!<br />
Actually, I love Brazil so much, I'm thinking of editing the grand finale song to include brazilian influences... maybe through in some portuguese... you can handle a bit of a foreign langauge can't you, DB? After all, if I can manage to become fluent in it in two months, you should manage to sing a couple of lines...! (and it should help that you cancelled the lobotomy, thanks!)

No worries ... lobotomy's canceled ... docs took a look in my head and discovered it was empty.<br />
<br />
So yeah, RC ... what YR said ... how's Brazil??

Lobotmies??? Argh, just like One Flew Over the Cuckoo's nest! We have to do it before you have your operation, lest you expereince a total personality change and forget all about our drama, raccoons, afros, and rollerskates, and we lose the star of our show. Oh the humanity! <br />
<br />
How is Brazil RC????

Aha ... the erstwhile playwright ... how is life in... the country in which you are?<br />
As you are off trotting the globe, I must wonder ... when IS opening night?? Because I will postpone my lobotomy if necessary!

rhapsodistical or not, I really rather everyone mantain themselves labotomy-free before opening night. Especially since those racoons were so hard to book.

Hehe ... well, as the title of the group suggests, I could count on you to apply it ... but it seems to me I heard or read somewhere that skewering one's brain is a patently bad idea, so maybe I'll just make the effort to avoid that particular form of entertainment ... I'll stick with disco dancing and clown hair!

Ouch, don't go too far or you'll end up skewering your brain instead, which wouldn't be very'd need a lot of makeup to cover up that mistake.

Hmmm ... can't seem to find a dictionary ... I'll just stick a pen in my ear and scribble it on the corner of my brain!

Quick, go get a dictionary and scribble it in the margins so there will be forevermore proof of the exsistence of the word "rhapsodistical", which is an utterly fabulous word.

Well, at least in this particular thread, you're a singing, dancing, cavorting, happy (not to mention yellow and rhapsodistical) racist!<br />
Oh, and RC, before you correct me on my misuse and abuse of the english language ... this is just me being silly, and rhapsodistical is SO a word ... I just invented it :)

No, everyone here is supposed to be color blind...or else you're considered racist. ;-)

Heyyyy COOL!<br />
<br />
DB responded (with all those adjectives) the question VB (or now YR?!??) had for me. And yes, those all add up to colors. Just use your imagination.<br />
<br />
...they have those in the US, right?

Wow! It's still going ... unbelievable! amazing! overwhelming! gratifying! omnivorous!

Yes, we're all rather black and white here in the United States, in comparison to Brazil, which is all...what color is it?

Well, it's the very least I could do for my monochromatic friend who is so unfortunate as to still be sitting in the USA.

Well, at least you responded...<br />

No.<BR><BR>You did not provide any specifics as to the exact existance of "there", nor did you mention any time period in which one must be "there", therefore allowing me to perfectly theoretically justify my not being here though I have responded.<BR><BR>:D

Well, doesn't that mean there's someone there, considering there was a response?


Screw Organization, I do believe this comment train is dying. What are we to do? Is anyone out there?

My Theory: It's because we got organized.<br />
QUICK! Make a mess!!! blah blah blah ORANGES!!!! And those violins are delicious toooo!!!<br />
woohoo monochromatic rhapsody let's go to the bahamas and frolic with the starfish!! In spandex! With raccoons!

Hello? Rather lonely over here!

The humans are not gone ... but I think some of them may require a bit of a hiatus ... schedules can be tricky during the summer months. Be of good cheer! They'll be back ...

I am sad.<br />
<br />
I will go frolic with the raccoons...<br />
<br />
Because apparently the humans are gone...<br />
<br />

Where HAVE they gone? "HELLOOOOOOO??? DL?????? MONA???? PLEASE COME BACK!!!!!" <br />
<br />
Do you think they can hear me?

well basically what got us there was random silly comments and conversations- part of the main plot (southern stuff) originated from DL "saying" something in a "southern accent".... sssoooooo..........<br />
<br />
TALK! ;)<br />
<br />
(someone get DL and moma to check it out, by the way)

i asked my guy friend if i can put makeup on him and he just plain out said "yes" me and my friend made him look pretty *cough* (not rly)

I have no idea what happens next, but I am in awe of RC's organizational skills ... way to put it together! Same question ... now what? lol