I Have Put Makeup On Many Guys

I just do a bit of flirtng and they let me do anything  sometimes that means putting makeup on them i have put makeup on my current bf 3 times now he he
kodyrivera kodyrivera 22-25, F 9 Responses Jan 3, 2012

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At one time I was selling cosmetics to make some spending money and had a guy who let me practice on him. I think I posted a story about it here at EP. It got way out of hand and turned into quite a money maker for me. Dominant wives started bringing their submissive husbands along and my model ended up being a little sissy **** with those hubby's while the girls all watched. It was really hotly erotic.

I've fallen victim to this for years. I always had a face and hair that girls wanted to play with. I became a willing participant and even became a cosmetologist myself. I still enjoy it when a girl wants to do a makeover on me. The gleem in their eye and excitement it seems to generate in them is fun to see. I think many girls like to do this. Ever done a bf's hair?

I'd love to be a doll for girls to completely makeover

Nice if you flirt with me a lil i wouldnt mind you giving me a full on makeover from boy to girl. Id probaly make a cute girl :)

I'd love to be used as a human dress-up/makeover doll for any girls who would want to use me. My one and only limit is that I'd prefer not to let them make any permanent changes to my body.

i would love any girl to give a makeover all makeup and all lady clothers and full works of makeup

I had the chance and blew it<br />
<br />
thanks mical

My female relatives made me up, dressed me in girls clothes and paraded me around in public for years. It was all humiliating and embaraasing. Do think that would be fun for you?<br />

yeah i would find that vary fun lol

Happy to have you laughing at me. I wish you would have been there!

The power of femininity over men<br />
Hugs<br />

U could make me ur testing doll i love lipgloss and leggings