I Have Put Makeup On Many Guys

I just do a bit of flirtng and they let me do anything  sometimes that means putting makeup on them i have put makeup on my current bf 3 times now he he
kodyrivera kodyrivera
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6 Responses Jan 3, 2012

I'd love to be a doll for girls to completely makeover

Nice if you flirt with me a lil i wouldnt mind you giving me a full on makeover from boy to girl. Id probaly make a cute girl :)

I'd love to be used as a human dress-up/makeover doll for any girls who would want to use me. My one and only limit is that I'd prefer not to let them make any permanent changes to my body.

i would love any girl to give a makeover all makeup and all lady clothers and full works of makeup

I had the chance and blew it<br />
<br />
thanks mical

The power of femininity over men<br />
Hugs<br />

U could make me ur testing doll i love lipgloss and leggings