He Enjoyed It Very Much.

I feel bad when I saw this group because I remember that I used to put makeup on my neighbor boy when I was young. My mamma died and I was 14 and very sad and lonely and the little boy would walk over and visit with me. He was younger maybe 10 and I sort of dominated him just a little for fun. One day I told him that if he wanted to play with me then he would have to let me put makeup on him. I said that his looks required work and that I was skilled to correct his looks. He pouted but let me. He looked very glamorous when I finished that he actually liked his look. I took him home to let his mamma see and she too thought it funny. After that, I made him up frequently and he liked it. I put him in my clothes maybe two times and he also loved the experience although I never made him wear lingerie.
Now, I read of the many men who tell of their being made up and dressed as a child and who now are crossdressing and some transsexual. I just wondered about my dear neighbor child and what ever happened to him or if my selfish entertainment might have permanently altered his life. I also think that it would be fun to dress up a boyfriend. How difficult is it to get a grown man in your panty? I wonder. I think I would love it as long as he didn't love it. Does this make sense to anyone?
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It makes enough sense. He wouldn't have gone for it if he didn't have the basic inclination. You helped him grow and enjoy.

I wish they were more girls like you. I would have loved to play dress up if I had the opportunity..;-)

I have had iy done severl times but now wish I had some one to do me again so I could learn

I'd let you do this to me :D id love to get a complete makeover :)

Don't think I'd like it so you would have to force me to do it and laugh at me in your panties with no bulge!

When I was eighteen, my girlfriend asked me to trade clothes with her one time. The outer clothes weren't bad, albeit a little tight. The bra and panties was kinda weird, I had nothing upstairs to support the bra, and too much downstairs, I was poking out all sides. It was more of a turn on for her, I could tell by the way she stared at me in her undies. That got me going, and well the rest is not germane to the subject.

Bella, I love you stories!

lol yeap makes sense to me, sometimes i dress up my little baby bro just for fun, i put nailpolish and all. i think it makes h im look darling....my grams think it'll make him gay lol

Do not worry Sophia, he has a nice memory. One day, he see a magazine, and you in it, and think about you, lovingly. Sweet thoughts of you and your fun. It was only fun. For both.

:) you make me laugh, so sweet.

Is so true, so true.

It may and may not be of much impact. But even if it has impacted there is nothing wrong about it as most of the people enjoy it and thats why they look for people to do this to them again and again. I will surely love to be your friend and of course will like to play and live that moments again with you. I request you to accept me as your friend and play it online.<br />

Sorry, it is not a fetish of mine, only an experience I shared. I do not wish to play such moments for entertainment. I was feeling guilty about this, I certainly do not wish to celebrate it. No offense please.

Its alright. And its really nice of you but be sure that there is nothing to feel guilty about it. As regards to enjoying that moments thats was my wish and i respect your view. thank you

I don't think you permantly altered him in a bad way, he might have enjoyed it for the moment & maybe continued. You may never know. <br />
He might have loved your attention, no matter what you did to him. <br />
What else did you do to him?

I did nothing else. No degrading or torture or humiliation...just fun.

ok cool, I don't think anything has hurt him, just fun!

you can dress me and put make up on me anytime!

Getting a guy into your panties is easier than you thing - especially when he is horny<br />
Hugs<br />

here i am come and get me

A girlfrined of miine once convinced me to let her put makeup on me and wear her undies. That is not really what I am into, but she managed to convince / bribe me.<br />
<br />
It was kind of fun to have the roles reversed, but I dont hink I would do that again!

unless he was already in the fr<x>ame of mind i do not thank you turned him into a cross dresser

It does make sense to me and i don't think it would be too hard for you to get a guy to try on your panties, putting make up on him might require more persuasiveness on your part unless he does love it! lol