Make Over

i have been lucky enough that a number of lady friends have helped me do my make up. my friend Ellen will often do every thing for me spending time to get every thing perfect, making sure my body was totally hair free and smooth as a babies bottom. putting false eye lashes on me and false finger nails making them long and painting them and my toe nails. getting my lipstick just right making my lips look sexy and **** able. she would brush my wig and style it for me. she likes to make me look feminine and classy but i more often like her to make me look as slutty and tarty as possible. when i visited her up in Edinburgh we even went down town one night with me all dolled up wearing four inch high heels, stockings and suspender belt, tiny thong and well padded bra, a short denim skirt which just covered my stocking tops and a pink top which just covered my boobs leaving my midriff exposed. i felt like a real slag and intended acting like one. and boy did i get treated like one? what a night.
Cyclopes66 Cyclopes66
51-55, M
May 14, 2012