My boyfriend used to come round after he had finished school and since he went to a different school to me when my mum came to pick me up he stayed at mine and babysat my little sister, but every time we were out we made sure some makeup or girls clothes were left laying around then he normally put it on. After three weeks of this I had a afternoon off and do my mum went and pretended to po ck me up but waited ten minutes then we both sneaked in the back door, he was in the middle of our spare room applying eyeshadow and mascara when we found him he was so embarrassed so we made a deal with him: her wouldn't tell anyone what had happened if he took the punishment we gave him. He agreed then we gave him his punishment he had to let us dress him up and let us do his makeup. He suddenly didn't look so keen! We gave him the frilliest puffy most femine dress we could find and then gave him a wig, fake lashes fake nails and put him in 4 inch heels! Then we showed him what he looked like and his reaction was epic we then took the young Sophie ( his girls name) out to a disco event that just happened to be on down the local youth club. Afterwards he promised never to touch my makeup or clothes again. And yes we put knickers stockings fake breasts a bra and so on on him
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Dress me like a girl .put makeup on me

i want to work for u ;)