My Bros Version Of Events

Well where to start but when it first happened.

You can win a bet, pay him, convince him it will attract girls, get him drunk enough, dare him or just dress him up in it while he's asleep...

you could go into your moms room and put on her clothes and dress like her
You can do what happened to me.

When I was 11, (13 now)

I was stuck at my Cousins house on vacation, and she was having a Little Party sleepover with Five other girls (for a total of 8 girls) some older than me (at the time) and one was 15. My parents and their parents went out to eat and wouldn't be back until around 1 AM, and we had a 25-year old Female Baby Sitter. I was alone.

So I did the classic routine. Lock my doors, grab a couple Mountain dew bottles, and get my Xbox out. Only one thing. I had to go to the bathroom. as I left the bathroom, the 15 year old grabbed my arms and put some Metal Handcuffs on. I struggled while she tried to my legs, and then the other girls came with Duct Tape. I was brought into the Room, Tied to a chair, and they started putting Makeup and Lip Stick on. Then they Untied me, grabbed my arms while some of them put Lingerie, Pink Underwear, a Small Pink Skirt, a Pink Shirt, a Pink belt, and some Pink small shorts. then they tied my legs together Tightly, wrapped them up with ducttape, put another Skirt on to cover it, and they put on pink feather boas, Tying my legs completely together. Then they put a Pink Ball Dress on (Think... Princess Peach) on, and strapped my arms and legs to a chair. then they took pictures, promising they wouldn't show them to anyone else. The babysitter started laughing. Then they started the dress off (leaving the skirts, and the pink shirt) and started putting Pants, different dresses, and different shirts on me. They took a bunch of pictures and sent them to their friends. After they locked the door and didn't return for 30 minutes. They let me go and undressed me. I went to my room and found all my close swap with pretty girl clothes and makeup. They said I had no choice but to try them on. More girly outfits on me. More pictures sent to there friends for them.

Another time, was when I had to go to the pool. we were about to leave, and the Car was parked ten blocks away. They had run in, replaced my Trunks with a Pink dress, and my Clothes with a Pink Shirt, Pink Underwear, a Bra, fake "Boobs", Lingerie, a Pink Skirt, and a blouse on. they had also taken my Backpack, so I would be forced to put everything on. They had also replaced My Chap stick (lips were drying alot) took the labels, and put them on Lip stick. I didn't realize until I put it on, and then I laughed. I put it on completely and they were outside laughing. They had my backpack (with my clothes) with a Padlock on. They had forced to me to walk the ten blocks to the car, and when I got in, they started tying my legs and arms together, and they Put a blindfold on. When they took it off, I was tied to a Pole, while they took more pictures.

the first time i ever was in a dress was on my cousins 15th birthday. my parents were off in another country so i was staying at my aunty's place. my cousin who is a girl was having a birthday party a slumber w8ed for my auntie to go because my auntie had to go to work. and then they w8ed for me to fall asleep. and by chance my auntie had just got married the week before and I'm the same size as my auntie so when i woke up i wasdown at the local mall i was standing in front of a mirror the first thing i noticed was the make up and the hair then when i looked down i was in a wedding dress and it was just a tad to tight so i could wringle out. and on the mirror was a picture of my aunty in the wedding dress i compared it to my reflection i looked just like her so i decided that i could just get up and leave but i was tied to a seat. then i got spun round and there was my cousin and her friends taking pictures. i made them promise not to pur them on the web so they agreed. the photoes neva made it on but a video did i thought that they were taking pictures and they made me walk home in it then they videoed me get out of it and under it i was wearing a pink skirt it had a zip and slots for the belt they had used a padlock for that so i was stuck there wearing a pink skirt and they had sowed the shirt to the skirt i was so embarresed because they made me stay like that for the whole day.
and while we had done that it turned out my aunty was in on it to cos she had locked my clothes in the cupboard and put girl clothes in to replace them so for the rest of the summer i had to wear girl clothes.

You guys think that was bad.... Well when i was 13 my mother and father thought that it was a great idea to go see my cousins who we havent seen since i was like 2, we were going for annas birthdaym they moved because they wanted to move into a better neighborhood in New York, we live in Pennsylvania .My mom told me that there was 4 kids there, 1 brother who was about 8 now, 1 sister who was about 12, another sister that was about 14, and a older brother who was 17. The youngest was nico, second youngest was Christina, third youngest was Anna and the oldest was rocky. When we got there my aunt told me that i would be staying with my cousin nico because he had the biggest room, i later found out that it was because no one else wanted me to stay with them. About 2 days after we were there ( we were staying for 1 week and a couple of days, it was summer time ) my cousins friends came over so they told me to stay away... so i hung out with nico most of the time. Nico was really annoying and thought he was way to cool for his age, he had almost every Pokemon card in the world. Ok anyways, Anna was having a slumber party for her birthday, it was located in there basement. The parents had gone out because that's what they had promised to Anna because she thought they were going to "cramp her style". Rocky was in charge of the house the parents said, the parents were going to be at there grandmothers house which was about 20 minutes away, they said theyd be back tomorrow morning at around 8. When the girls started getting here they asked me, nico and rocky to come down stairs because they were "scared" obviously they were lieing because they were 15 and 14 year olds.... my cousin was turning 15. But nico really wanted to go and rocky told me that i had to go down stairs because i wasn't aloud in there rooms alone. So us boys were sitting down stairs till about 11 p.m., that's when i started getting tired... Nico was already sleeping but it seemed like they were waiting for me to fall asleep to. Well i got tired after a while and fell asleep. Next thing i knew rocky tied my hands behind my back and nico was getting held down by a couple of girls. At first they tied me to a chair and i didn't know why, they made me face nico. They were dressing nico up like a American girl doll! ( nico had cancer when he was little making him very smaller then he was suppose to be, he was about 3 feet 2 inches, i don't remember the exact height.) when they were done with nico, nico looked so happy that he was about to wet himself. Then they came to me and rocky just laughed. i wouldn't stand still so they taped my head against the chair, then they started tied my hair into 2 pigtails ( i had really long hair almost below my neck ). After they were done with my hair they brang out a makeup case that they didnt use on nico. I thought it was fun at first so i didnt even hold back, so i thought it was actually fun. But then after they gave me a makeover with make up they brang out the nail polish since they saw that i liked it... That's when i refused, they said that i needed it, they tricked me into going with it but i only agreed if it was a certain color. they didnt even pick the color black like i wanted, instead they picked this aqua blue color and pinkish redish color. I was really mad at them but they said that if i let the nail polish go into my skin it would burn so i wasnt moving. after they finished painting my nails they ran upstairs and i had to wait for them to dry. when they finished drying it was about 10 minutes until they came downstairs with this bra and thong in there hand that looked like a bikini. they said that if i wore it they would kiss me. so i wore it but it turned out that they didnt kiss me, they just said that now i had to put on this dark red dress that was strapless in the back. i agreed and after i put that on they said one more thing to put on these really long sock things that i later found out were stockings. after the done transformation rocky couldn't stop laughing and neither could the girls. when i saw myself i actually looked like a girl, but they wouldn't let me change out of it! they locked me in the basement without my clothing and said that if i went naked they would all take pictures and sent it to my friends, even if i tried to get out of the make up! so the next morning my cousin rocky just called me a he/she and changed my name to instead of nicholas into Nicole. i was really pist but then at the end me and my cousins Anna and Christina connected more. and every night they came in my room without the parents knowing and did my make up and i liked it... so ya now i wear it and i still have the memorys of what they did.. and pictures.... ya :)
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will you do it again

I wish that it was my life

I wish this would happen to me id love to be surrounded by girls and be their slave.