I was at my mates and she decided that her brother needed a punishment as he had hidden all her makeup so when he was asleep we took all his clothes out his cupboard and drawers and replaced it all with girls stuff we even swapped his uniform! It was the summer holidays and their mum was out so when he woke up we forced him to wear one outfit but took a picture and threatened to send it to his Gf if he didn't let us do his nails hair and makeup then took picture and on it went until we had him wearing 8 outfits and 2 prom dresses we forced him to stay like that it was hilarious the next morning we found him sitting weAring a dress and so we gave him heels and took him to KFC we did this for two weeks he was so funny!
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Do you have pics from your stories? I'd love to see them

I would love to meet up with you in person and let you and your mates do this kind of thing to me. We could even go to the mall and have me model all kinds of outfits in front of everyone in the stores. I would pose for pics from anyone who asks me to.