Slumber Parties

growing up us girls would literally attack and tie down my brother and give him a makeover.

Makeup, curled hair, and even fake eyelashes.

Sometimes I think he enjoyed being the center of attention, I just hated that when he got loose and ran away all our hard work was quickly wiped off.


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A young teen boys dream to spy on a girls slumber party or somehow sneak into their midst ... even dressed as a girl ... as long as he passed undetected as a girl ... all those baby doll nighties ...

anyone remember the Even Stephens episode where he and his friends spied on the girl's slumber party? Stephens got caught ... with consequences

I remember it lol I loved that episode :) and I wish I could find somebody to give me a complete makeover /:

It was my dream when I was a teen.

On the contrary ... would have loved being your little brother ... and would never had run away !

LMAO.....somehow I can see you doing that to your poor brother......

Glad I wasnt your brother......lmao