Camping D Of E

Well i am a boy and i went of a duke of Edinburgh camping trip with my school. At that time i was friends with a girl called molly i went into her tent and we were talking when she got out her make up and started adjusting hers. She saw me looking and was like i can do yours. I said no but she kept saying it so eventually i agreed. She put loads of foundation on my face and i was like thats enough but then her mate came in and saw what was happening and held me down and molly put loads of mascara on my and eye liner then lip gloss and then i riggledout and i got it all off and then i had to back to my own tent but i still ad a bit of eyeliner and lots of lip gloss on and the next day i found red and black stanes on my pillow!!
oscarthatboy oscarthatboy
1 Response Dec 24, 2012

That has happened to me before as well