Guy Wearing Makeup

I've had a few experiences in college where some girls put makeup on me - very much of a turn on for some reason and I"ve not forgotten it.  is it okay for man to wear some type of makeup that would make him look better?  i consider myself metrosexual and want to look good and think I could enhance looks with some makeup - any advice

bradhov bradhov
36-40, M
2 Responses Mar 15, 2010

A true Metrosexual would feel the answer to that question naturally. <br />
Maybe you're something other than Metrosexual?

there're lots of sexy men actors who 'do a little something' that's pretty femmey with makeup. Consider getting a friend to help you select eyeliner and mascara - the trick, my dear, will be to apply it with a light hand. When done right -- for a guy at least - the best effect is when someone thinks "wow, that guy has sexy eyes". <br />
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concealer is always possible (and really, not girly).<br />
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here's an idea. Go to something like the Clinique counter at a large department store and tell them 'your girlfriend' thinks you could be even sexier with a bit of makeup - and could they please help you out. They'll totally love it.

counter makeup artists will have a field day getting you to look GOOD as a GUY!