My Parents Put Their Hope In God's Word.

I have overcome many, many challenges in my life, in God's grace I am still alive today.  Just to share a bit, before I was 1 month old doctors told my parents twice that I would die from spinal meningitis.  In fact, they had begun the process of completing a death certificate. 

Apparently some of the nurses working in the ICU paid little attention to good techniques.  I was very premature as a baby and lived my first few months in an incubator.  Once I survived and got out of the hospital 3 months later, they told my parents I had extensive brain damage and learning disabilities, well I have several advanced degrees, health department licenses, board certifications and currently act as a Senior Executive of a very successful biotechnology firm (all thanks and praise given to God for this, this is the work of His hand, I give Him all of the credit). 

I'm posting this here in this group because my grieving parents did what I can never thank them enough for, they put their trust in God's word, they prayed over my poor and feeble little body, they prayed to God for my healing they did not trust what the doctors said, they asked God to make the FINAL CALL, they put their hope in God's word, that miracles can and do happen when God's will is contrary to what we believe in this physical world.  My dad said his prayer was pretty simple, "Lord we trust you, we trust your word, this is your son, if you take him, take him home, if you want us to have him, we will raise him well".

I put my hope in God's word too!
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7 Responses Nov 29, 2011

Amazing testimony. thank you so much for sharing this with us. The world would be so much more peaceful, and people so much happier if only everyone understood, as your parents did (and raised you the same way) that everything is part of His plan for us. People seem to forget that no matter what the circumstances, God knows exactly what He is doing and we need to trust Him. 1op

Sorry about the end, I got disconnected as I was posting.

And God bless you too, steppingup. :-)

That is an amazing story <3 gives me much hope today as I am in college and trying to see Gods well for my life.

Thanks :)

Thank You,for your story and Praise the Lord you are a miracle.

Amazing Testimony.

Wow that is great!

What awesome blessed you are to have had that kind of heritage. You are a living witness to His goodness. Ilove reading about the wonderful things He does. Thanks

great testimony