The Joy Of The Lord Is Thy Strength

I hope for a home in heaven far away from hurtful words as swords that pierce and rape my skin
trying to destroy the me within
I am like the tall trees with arms uplifted to the sky and a bulldozer smashes me to pieces and leaves me laying there in a pile to maybe rot or become a table
I watch the stars and sky and pray and try to deal with the hate of others put on me and I ask myself WHY?
When it is time for us ot go home will be a great day. No rent to pay. No hassles. Just beingw ith the Lord Jesus forevermore and walking in peace and happiness. I tryt o keep that within but it is hard when unkind cruel people try to hurt my animals my family and me. I plant flowers and they say take them out or else, and I sit and think about what a nice day it will be when God calls us home.
stargazer2 stargazer2
46-50, F
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amen me too