Short Lived.

Thing's seemed to get better for a while, i felt for what i asked i had been
given .The bullying had stopped and i had made friends in my new school
i had even began to look better , and at last my brother had gone.

The day finely came for my sister and her husband to move , dad said he
would help with the move so i decided i would help to.
It took most of the day and there was alot of rubbish to get ride of , dad
was in a bad mood and said i will never move her again ,he kept
muttering under his breath about how dirty my sister was i could not really
understand what he ment and did not ask as my dad was really angery.

Well now she and her husband were living at no3 and we lived at no5
i used to go round to see her alot and we would cook bread which was
great for knocking nails in but not for eating , we made calslaw as well
we would make big ice cream tubs and freeze it as we would make
so much.
I found out she was to have a baby so i was going to be an auntie i
was really looking forward to it ,she asked me to stay one night so i
asked mum if it was ok which she was fine with .My mum seemed to
have no time for me she loved the boy's and it alway's showed but
in a way i had my sister .When i started my period i told my mum i
was crying and she laughed and said you've got your first period "so what
do i do" she said just use some toilat paper .
I went to see my sister and she explained things and gave me some

It got to the night i was staying at my sisters , we played cards and and
talked her husband used to work on the buses so came home late.
I had gone to bed and heard him come home i heard some talking
but must of feel asleep . I was soon to be woken when he came in with
tea for me he placed it next to the bed he slipped his hand under
the blankets i froze with the blanket pulled tight to my face ,he started
talking" you like that " i was so shocked i never even moved he pulled
his hand out and smiled at me . I felt sick to my stomach all i wanted
was to go home, with that i got up and got dressed .By now he had left
to go to work my sister was up and asked if i wanted some breakfast
i replyed no she asked if i was ok" yes "i said , i am going home ok she
seemed suprised. With that i left and went straight home to my room.

That was the last time i was ever going to stay ,but that was not to be
the case. Any time he was a round me he would grop me and rubb
him self against me and wisper things in my ear, it made my skin crawl
like if you touch a spider how that makes you feel if your scared or if
you taste something you dislike the shivers you get down your spin.
I tryed to avoid being near him but it was so hard i started to get moody
and started having problems at school .Me and my freind had started
stealing at school we got caught and got in trouble ..I was told to stay
away from the girl , but i did not i even stayed at her house one night
her mum was in a wheel chair she had MS. That night her mum gave me some holly water , i told her what had happend she said it would protect
me .I do not know why i trusted her but there was something about her
that made me feel safe .

My sister was soon to give birth and when she did i was made to stay
with her she had a C section and bad baby blues then depression
so that ment i could do nothing about it and on top i had her baby to
look after who was always screaming . When i did go home i would cry
and say i did not want to stay but mum said i had to help again i felt
she knew something.

It was never ending life just became a misery , mum could not even
cope with the baby and by now she was eight months old .
Finely mum and my sister had a fall out and i was told i was not to
go round , i would still see them and it was pretty awkward when we
did.I never really got back to normal after that i was really mixed
up things at home where bad dad was ill as well .So dad wrote to
Maggie Thatcher and told her that life was so bad and how his
buiessness had failed . Who needed fruit and veg as they were growing
there own .I think it was more mum she wanted to come back to were
she was born she was never happy there.

This was when i decided to see my sister and tell her we were moving
back to england i never told her what had happend i just said for her
to make up with mum and come with us when we leave.
She did see my mum and it was decided that my sister would leave
with the baby and my dad and stay with my mums friend .

We had to stay there which was to turn in to a nightmare as my
sister took all the money that the people in the village had gave her
for this christmas hamper club .So we had people banging on the door
and shouting all sorts they cut the phone in the village so we had to
walk for miles in the wind and rain . My sisters husband tryed to break
in at night everyone turned on us even at school.

When we came home from school one day the social worker was there
mum said she could take no more and that we had to go in to care.
They had found us a family already , everything was ready
to go , none of us said a word just looked dumb struck.
We were shown to the car and thats where the hole street desended on us
they were banging on the windows shouting and trying to turn the car over
there was a massive commotion in the car we were all screaming to
the social worker to go . She did in the end and we were taken 20 miles
or so to our new foster parents.

We had moved so many times already in our lifes by now this was
my 6th move , but you know thats nothing cause now i am 41 i have
moved 49 times and hate decorateing .

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Sep 17, 2012