Do You Believe In Reincarnation?

When I was about 8 years old, my mother was taking psychology classes at a local college, she would sometimes take me with her. Her class was studying irrational fears and her instructor told a story about a girl he had seen at his psychiatry practice.
The girl was 5 years old, she was deathly afraid of fire. Her parents did not understand why she was so afraid or what had caused her fear. Her mother did not allow anyone to smoke around the girl, or to light anything with fire. All their household was electric. There were no camping trips and no cold nights in front of the fireplace. There was never a barbecue. No birthday candles or other candles ever.
Whenever the girl observed fire, she would scream and thrash her body about and yell no. The woman sought the help of this psychiatrist because he used hypnotism to help his patients.
The doctor put the girl under and asked her to go back to when her fear of fire began. The girl described being hooked by something and that it hurt her very much, and then she was cold. The girl went on to describe a bright fire burning and a man taking her to the fire. The girl was screaming and begging no. The girl described being thrown into the fire and her flesh burning. She says I still smell my burning skin everytime I see fire.
The woman was crying and begged the doctor to stop. He told the girl to sleep and asked the woman what was wrong. The woman described being pregnant as a teenager. The woman said her boyfriend hit her and beat her to make the baby come and used a coat hanger to pull the baby from her body. The woman said when the baby came it was a girl and it cried, and screamed. The woman said they had started a fire in a metal barrel and he threw the baby into the fire. The woman said she begged him not to, but he said this has to be done.
The doctor said that the girl was experiencing this memory either from her mother's memories or they were her own, and she was reincarnated.
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Wow , I don't know what is worse, the memory of her prior experience or the man that murdered her and beat her mother. I wonder what became of her previous set of parents. I do believe that reincarnation is possible. I wish the veil between this life and the next one was lifted.

The woman who had the abortion was the mother of the girl. The girl was the reincarnation of the aborted baby. The therapist believes that a child's spirit/soul chooses his/her parents. The thought is that the girl was destined and had chose that woman as her mother, when she died early she was reincarnated and chose the same mother.

Thats amazing. What you wrote doesnt sound like reincarnation, but rather memories this girls body held even from the womb. We all have memory of this nature stored in us and sometimes can only be recalled with certain stimuli (i.e. hypnosis). Very interesting story.

The reincarnation stories can be read in several places, the Bible does not teach anything about it exactly the opposite, reincarnation and the stories used as support need to be viewed in the fact that demon possession is a reality.

Just as man is destined to die once, and after that to face judgment, Hebrews 9:27

You know, if it weren't for the Devil, Christianity would have gone out of business a long time ago.