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these bankers

are doing this to you right now in the deep south of the USA

in the guise of the BP oil spill

it is likely to be about resources

and the west is only in afghanistan for drugs, oil and a gas pipeline

and this guy was killed cos he told the truth that the CIA are following the bible
like a playubook to neutralise the biggst opposition: YOU

which is really awful cos John Lennon was right
ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE. Our DNA only regenerates when wer are in a state of BLISS!
so be happy please

and never get angry because we are 85% water

And Dr len Horowitz one of Dr Emote's students tells us all about
how we have been poisioned and messed with for years

but its going to stop soon, please wake up to this sham of a reality
41-45, M
Aug 4, 2010