PVNS Stricken !

Hi, My name is Neita
Within the last 4 months I have had 2 surgeries; My first surgery was for a Meniscus tear on my right knee. After 3 months my of not recovering I was diagnosed with PVNS; and shortly after I had the procedure : Arthroscopy surgery with a extensive synovectomy to remove some of my Joint lining and the hemosiderin-laden macrophages ( meaty tumor like (Junk). I'm on week 4 of the synovectomy for PVNS, utilizing therapy treatments 3x's a week and I'm having the same issue's prior to my surgery. The swelling and pain is unbearable; I don't understand this horrible disease and I'm confused to what direction I should go in. I've noticed some of you are in my situation, just hoping that one of you can share some helpful information. My next Dr. appt is on Oct.3,2012 and I don't see me near the point to being able to return to work.
If you have any info. it would be appreciated.
NeitasPVNS NeitasPVNS
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How are you doing now?