I Have Pyelonephritis: My Story.

I went to Baltimore recently with my hubby and daughter. On the way back from Baltimore to Virginia we got caught up in some traffic. It was the first Raven's game of the season...well pre-game that is. Not knowing this we didn't expect ourselves to be sitting in 4 hours of traffic. Finally after moving inch by inch for what seemed like forever we got to moving again. I had to pee! We got off on an exit that was some weird agricultural land owned by the government to study cows/ poultry. It smelt awful. We drove down the long country roads hoping that somewhere at the end there would be a bathroom. About 10 minutes later we decided to turn around which added to even more of a wait for my bladder. I could have gotten out and peed but there was nothing but open land...barely any trees near the road to hide behind for a quick pee. Plus the whole area seemed so creepy I didn't want to even get out of the car long enough to pee.

So we get back on the highway and by now I am crossing my legs and just praying I don't pee myself. We FINALLY find an exit and we find a Starbucks where I decide to run to the bathroom while the hubby got coffee. It was the longest pee of my life. (sorry for the details)

So that was on a Sunday. A few days later (Tuesday) I started noticing some U.T.I. symptoms. I was peeing a lot and very frequently. It did not hurt to pee but it was almost like it was hard to empty my bladder. Knowing that I had a VERY busy week ahead of me I couldn't afford to not feel well...I decided to take some of my Hubby's left over Amoxocillin Antibiotics from his Sinus Infection. I took 3 pills total within 1 1/2 days. I started to feel a little bit better but on Wednesday night I decided to call the advice nurse line for our insurance to schedule an appointment with my doctor. Just to be safe.

The next day at 11:30 I went into the Doctor's office and explained to my doctor my outrageous amount of frequency with urination. I told her I will pee a little and then 5 minutes later I will pee again. I told her it is interrupting my sleep too...I feel like I wake up 3-4 times a night to pee. I also had a soar throat and was beginning to think it was Strep Throat. However, I just had strep about 4 months ago and I thought there is no way!!! On top of the soar throat I ALSO had horrible back pain on the left side of my back...right under where my ribs are and partially inside my ribs. The pain throbbed and it was pretty persistent. Some positions that I sat in really hurt and it hurt to lay on the left side of my back at night.

After telling my Internal Medicine Doctor my symptoms she decided to have a Strep Culture test done as well as a Urinary Analysis. She also printed off some papers for a 'back strain'. I told my Internal Medicine Doctor that I have had a back strain before and I have also had Pyelonephritis before and I know the difference. I told her it felt more like pyelo and she did nothing. She did not tap my back or poke at me to examine how tender I was.

So I went downstairs to the lab for the Stress Culture test and for the blood work she wanted and the Urinary Alalysis. My Internal Medicine Doctor decided to do blood work to see if I was diabetic. Apparently since I was peeing a lot and thirsty all the time there was a chance of being diabetic.

The very next day I got online to check the results for the testing done at the appointment. My Doctor had emailed me, "Everything looks fine."

I was not diabetic, I was not anemic, I did not have thyroid problems, I did not have strep, my urinary analysis looked fine. My doctor did not do a Urinary Culture though even though I told her I thought I had a bladder infection that turned into a kidney infection.

Rewind for a minute...the SAME day I went to my doctors appointment at 11:30...I left with nothing. A few hours later my pain had gotten so bad in my back that I woke up crying in agony. My hubby tried to ask me what was wrong and he put his hand on my back while I was standing in the hallway doubling over in pain. The slightest touch from his hand felt like somebody was just shooting me in the back...it was awful!

I told him that I thought I needed to go to the Emergency Room. So we went to the E.R. and my Mother in Law and Father in Law watched our daugher...who was already asleep since it was late at night. The E.R. doctor did a urine analysis and he tapped my kidney which made me cry. He said that I had a Urinary Tract Infection and the beginning of a Kidney Infection. He wrote me a prescription for Cipro (2x a day) (Antibiotic) and Percocet for the pain. I do not ever take pain medicine not even over the counter pain medicine...much less Narcotics. So I went and filled the prescriptions and the Percocets are 7.5 Mg. each. I took 2 Percocets (weighing only 112 pounds and never taking pain medicine) and I was STILL in pain. I was messed up and in my own little world but that didn't take the pain away!

The next day (Friday) I went back to the Emergency Room. Still in pain I told them that there was no way it was just a urinary tract infection. They told me there was nothing they could do until I gave it some time for the Cipro to work. ***IT was a holiday weekend so Monday the Dr's office was closed***

So Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I took the Cipro 2x a day as prescribed. The pain was still there. The frequency to pee was still there. It was not hurting when I peed which wasn't happening before I took the Cipro so if anything I felt worse and not better.

On Monday I went to a different E.R. at a different hospital than before. They came up with nothing but told me that my back pain could be caused by the extra small bones in the lumbar region of my back which they found on x-rays. I told them that my pain was where my kidney was and it was flank pain not back pain. They still didn't really have any answers. They wrote me a prescription for another Narcotic and told me to continue taking the Cipro. They said my urine culture came back fine so I no longer had the UTI. But why was I still having the symptoms!?!?!?

so on Tuesday I emailed the OB/GYN department of my Doctor's Office. I did this because when I was 28 weeks pregnant I had Pyelo too. The SAME thing happened. My internal medicine doctor ignored me when I told her I thought I had a UTI.Then my OB diagnosed me after I was at the point where I felt like I was going to die. It's a miracle I didn't lose my daughter when I had pyelo too. I ended up in the hospital for 10 days.

SOOO, I email my OB and she is on vacation so the other doctor that is new in that department has the Clinical RN email me back because he was delivering a baby at that time. The Clinical RN is named Pat. She helped me last time I had Pyelo. I call her after I was given her number. She asks me a bunch of questions...I tell her this:

"It's Tuesday morning. Since Thursday I have lost 5 pounds. My back is killing me...I can take 2 percocet pills and still be in an incredible amount of pain. I can't stop peeing. It hurts to pee. There is blood in my urine. I feel sick all over and everything hurts."

Pat told me that she would call the E.R. departments I had visited to get all of the results from them gathered together. Then she said to come in immediately and wait for the Doctor to see me...she didn't even make me an appointment she said just come in ASAP. So I came in and within 20 minutes the Doctor squeezed me in and I explained everything to him.

He asked me how many days I had been on Cipro and I told him 5. He poked at my left kidney which hurt VERY badly. I did a urine culture test and then he said that he wanted to get me started on Rocephin Antibiotics. Rocephin can be given 2 different ways...one way is a shot in the butt and the second way is via I.V. I chose the I.V. because the Doctor said the shot in the butt is very sore and it's a sore antibiotic. To receive treatment through the IV they numb your veins so it doesn't sting as bad.

Well that Tuesday I had my first Rocephin IV treatment. It stung horribly. Pat the Clinical RN forgot to put the numbing stuff in my veins and I didn't know she had forgotten because I'm not a nurse so I thought the stinging was normal. Well it took 3 hours for me to finish the IV. That night I kept waking up just feeling awful with the chills and shaking. I did not have a fever though. (Odd because usually when people have Pyelo they have fevers but both times I have had it I did not have a fever)

The next morning I returned with the IV still in my arm which I had overnight (it was very uncomfortable and my daughter kept trying to grab the IV when I held her) and I received my 2nd Rocephin Treatment. I felt worse than I had the night before. The doctor definitely did not suspect this because Rocephin is a VERY strong antibiotic that reacts quickly to infection and results usually appear within 24 hours that show some progress. I did not show any progress.

So that day they actually numbe my veins and gave me some pain medicine and then I was off to go after my treatment. I felt a little bit better but after about 5 hours of the treatment I started to feel horrible again. So by now it was Thursday. I went into the Doctor's office on Thursday and OB/GYN receptionist said that I need to go see my Internal Medicine Doctor for the Pyelonephritis because the Ob/gyn's were having so many deliveries and both doctors were at the hospital at that moment.

So I went upstairs to get my Rocephin I.V. by then I felt like I was literally going to die! I had changed my doctor because my last one had completely ignored me pretty much. Here it was exactly 1 week later and after 2 different types of antibiotics I was still feeling horrible. The new doctor was amazing though. He did a finger test for diabetes and it came back negative. He did about 10 different blood tests to make sure my kidney, pancreas, and spleen were functioning okay. He did about 20 different X-Rays too. He poked at my belly (where the pain had now gone to and my kidneys) He asked me tons of questions....

So I waited and waited. The doctor said that he thought I could possibly have some cracked ribs and he sad that they were definitely sitting weird compared to the right side of my rib cage...he said it was as if they were floating due to pressure/ bloating.

About an hour after the X-ray results which he had ordered STAT he called me from the holding room and told me that he had some strange news. He said that my stomach was about 3x the normal size. He said that there was NOTHING in my stomach at all. Just air. He thought that the Pyelonephritis bacteria had traveled into my stomach and that it was letting off gases. He said that the pressure from the size of my stomach could potentially crack my ribs. So worried he sent me downstairs to Pat the OB Nurse to get my Rocephin treatment as well as some fluids. Then he talked to my OB Doctor who initially started treating me and they had a little meeting. (This was after the OB doctor finished the C-Section for his patient). They both decided that I should do an emergency CT-Scan at Tyson's Corner. So I rushed to Tyson's Corner which was a long travel (2 hours) but they insisted I go to the other location of my insurance company because that way they could hear news sooner and retrieve my information in the same system. They were fearful of me going outside of my insurance company because I had been ignored so many times already at other locations. They wanted the same team of doctors working on me instead of having to fill in new ones and wasting more time.

So I went to Tyson's Corner to do the Emergency CT Scan...it came back okay. The doctor said though that I had a lot of stool backed up. Gross I know but he said that he thought I was severely dehyrdated and that was why. I had not pooped in 7 days! 7 days! That's a long time!!! I literally felt like I was going to die! On top of the pyelo that was already painful.

So what happened was:

The Percocet I was taking for the back pain (in my kidney) for the Pyelo was helping a little with the Pyelo but it was dehydrating/ constipating me. This constipation was causing stomach pain and discomfort. Because that I was so 'backed up' I had literally no room to eat anymore. That explains the extreme weight loss in a short amount of time (I had already lost 8 pounds by then) However Pyelonephritis can cause you to lose weight too. So the Doctor said I could not eat because the food had nowhere to go until I had a stool. That was why I wanted to throw up every time I did eat. So they gave me a liquid laxative.

I drank the laxitive when I got home...didn't want to drink it there because I had never taken a laxative before and I had a 2 hour trip home! I drank the laxative at about 9:30 at night and was fine until the next morning. I woke up at 7....and I know this is too much information but I am being honest to help anybody else that ever so happens to go through this because I'm warning you it's HELL. Anyway, that morning at 7 I was literally going number 2 on the toilet for about 30 minutes. It was awful.

Then I could actually feel the size of my stomach go down. It was insane. My ribs no longer hurt, I didn't feel bloated, I could feel the air escaping my stomach. I felt like a brand new person!!! So later that day I went to the doctor for my final Rocephin treatment (seeing that it was Friday and the Doctors Office is closed on Saturdays).

I went in to follow up with my Doctor after the Emergency CT Scan. I was supposed to see a gastroenterologist but I never did because the Doctor at Tyson's Corner told me if the laxative worked then I should be fine and able to cancel the 9:00 appointment for Friday that had been made. So I go to see my Internal Medicine Doctor and follow up and I literally felt like a whole new person. For the first time in about 8 days I plucked my eyebrows, shaved my legs, put on makeup, did my hair. I could actually hold my daughter without being in pain. It was wonderful.

So the Doctor said that he was happy that I was feeling better. He said that the Percocet prescribed by the E.R. was probably the cause of the 'back up'. Which I can agree with because when I had my daughter I had a C-Section because she was breech and the Percocet was always given to me with stool softeners/ laxatives. Plus when you have a C-Section you have to poop before they will let you leave anyway.

So the Doctor then started to poke at my stomach and ribs and I told him it was not hurting anymore. He poked at my left kidney which still did hurt a little but nothing like it had been. He decided to go through with the last Rocephin IV treatment. My IV had already been in for 4 days so the nurse flushed it before giving me the Rocephin and I was literally screaming at her to stop it. What happened was my IV had gotten dislodged from my vein while I was in the shower and I didn't really know it but when she started giving me the antibiotic it was going into my tissue of my arm not my vein. OH MY GOD that is painful. It feels like a million bee stings at once. She felt so bad but I knew it wasn't her fault.

So she started a new IV on my right arm and gave me the numbing medicine and everything and I was done with the treatment in about 30 minutes. Then I went back to talk to my doctor and he put me on a sulfar based antibiotic for the next 10 days 2x a day to make sure the infection stays GONE.

Today it is Saturday. I am still having some frequency when I pee. I had sex for the first time in about 2 months last night (I have been having a lot of bladder infections and discomfort) and after I peed a lot. Like on and off for about 10 minutes but it didn't necessarily hurt to pee.

The doctor thinks that maybe I am allergic to condoms and that is what is causing all of these UTI's because when I was pregnant I obviously didn't have to use condoms with my hubby and I never had these problems. Even after I had my daughter and was put on birth control I still didn't have them. Then I decided I didn't want to be on birth control anymore because a close friend of mine had problems due to being on birth control (blood clots). So I decided I would just use condoms and not birth control. BESIDES the fact that I actually got pregnant on birth control...I was on Levora. My old doctor which I retired because she was lousy and a ***** and never listened..well she gave me the lowest dose of Levora possible and me not knowing this because she didn't tell me...well I got pregnant. But it's okay because I love my daughter and she is a blessing so really the lousy ***** did me a favor by giving me the best present of all...life!

So the doctor now is telling me that next week I should go see my OB again and just do a urine culture to ensure that the pyelo/ uti is gone for good. Then he wants me to talk about either getting an IUD put in, birth control, or just to talk about why I am getting so many bladder infections.

So this has been my last 9 or 10 days. And let me tell you they have been hell!!!!

I am finally starting to feel a little better. I will update you guys about the OB/GYN appointment to see some prevenative measures so I can hopefully not be a victim of Pyelo for the 3rd time!

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Let this be a cautionary tale to all who think of casually taking leftover antibiotics as if they are pain medication..