Any Ideas?

I am a 20 year old girl from East Sussex,UK. I had my first flare when I was 18, a lesion on my lower right calf, I had no other medical problems at the time, i was admitted to hospital for a week. After 4 days they made the diagnosis of PG and i was put on steroids and amitriptyline. I had a colonoscopy and nothing conclusive was found and they did no further tests saying it was a one off thing. After 6 months the lesion finally healed and I had no more problems... Until the 30th of may 2012 another lesion appeared on my left calf in the same place, much larger and much more painful. I was put back on steroids and Cyclosporine along with all the drugs that come alongside! I was signed off work as I work in a dental practice so they decided the risks were too high! I coped and got on with it (far better than the first time round) On Sunday 12th of August I had another flare on my left foot this was my worst yet putting me in a wheelchair for a month and running me into the ground, my doses were increased as I was still on all the medication still. I've had blood tests diabetes tests MRI scan for any chrons/ulcerative colitis and nothing has come up and they have come to a dead end. Has anyone got any ideas for what I can suggest or ask them to check as having no diagnosis is driving me mad! Thanks in advance for help :)
Mumbo1104 Mumbo1104
18-21, F
Jan 19, 2013