Chronic Q Fever

I've had Chronic Q Fever since 2006, from a tick bite in rural Grundy County.

Trying to find a doctor who is familiar with this disease has been a nightmare

from the beginning. I'm still searching for one who has any real experience with

it. I have a wonderful GP, and he has been so supportive, but he'll tell anyone

that this is such an odd/rare thing to deal with. I've seen numerous specialists

to not much avail. Cipro for years and years, and prednisone are the two constants

in my life these days.

mollybmac mollybmac
3 Responses Feb 27, 2010

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Hi, is anyone from Logan in Queensland?

Hi Molly, <br />
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Have you worked with an infectious disease specialist? Have you been on doxycycline? When did you first contract q fever? When were you first diagnosed and treated for q fever? <br />
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I also have q fever and have been working with an infectious disease specialist and have been on doxy since I was diagnosed. Right now, my dr says I have the acute form, but I'm really concerned about developing the chronic form.