Shadow And Light Of Dd

domestic discipline can be a very good way, to focus attention to single issues. often, however, the pure use of discipline without guidance and understanding of the cause of the undesired habit woun t make any difference.

i was recently asked to assist a husband in training his wife, because they got stuck in their relationship and didn t find a way out. They misused DD and that s why i d like to share a thought on DD that might help others:

if you feel DD is a good thing, always think about what you want to achieve with the method s your using:

if you simply want to punish and remind of symptoms (anger, swearing, lying...) of a problem, go on and discipline.

but if you want to help your partner becoming a better person and to help him/her to deal with issues, you should - in addition to discipline - solve the cause of the problem (and that s the tricky part, where you have to be experienced enough to see the cause through the "forest" of symptoms and know what to do about it.)

it sound s so easy - but unfortunately many people do not differentiate between cause and symptom. think about it...
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This is so true. I think there are many people who see that this is just about spanking but a DD relationship is about so much more than that, I think being an HoH holds so much responsibility...

Yes, but unfortunately only few know what they are doing...