Do You Truly Think Religion Is Helping The World Today?

Ok, keep in mind that I do not see myself as an atheist. I believe in God. I believe in Heaven. I believe in Hell. & I like the idea of religion. Oh wait, I don't think I made that perfectly clear. I like the idea of religion. As for religion its self, I hate it. Whats the difference?

The idea of religion, is to created peace in the world & bring everyone together (ad least in my eyes that's what its suppose to be)

Religion of today, is nothing but a bunch of boring manipulating people who force you into believing what they believing what you say, or they will threaten you by saying your going to hell, hitting you, &/or killing you.

I believe in God, but there are 2 things I don't believe about it. God isn't human, & we should not warship it. I mean you can if you want to, & pray, but worshiping just seems like a waste of time to me. But that's just me. & seriously? Why would God "make us in his image?" I'm not going to get in how messed up that is because I will be here all day, but one point is, you religious people do in fact depend on that book for too many things. Why is God a writer? Does "he" sit in heaven just typing up a bunch of story's about people who hanged out with "his" son, & occasionally talked to "him"?

Also, I could be wrong about this, but I think that people say that if Jesus comes back from......wait, I just thought of something. Were did Jesus go? I mean first off, the dude is the son of God, & obviously must have gone to heaven if he has died. Now if the dude came back to life once, & religion people need him now, why would God keep him from us? Also, why do we need him? Starvation isn't the only problem in the world any more. We have bigger problems than that, so feeding villages with bread won't help us. Death is a natural part of life, & besides, isn't being a necromancer considered a bad thing? So we don't need him bring grandma back from the dead. & the walking on water thing; how will that help anyone? There are debates about Jesus's nationality, wither if he's African, or Caucasian. Hows about he's Asian, since the only other people who are known for doing that are ninjas. *coughnarutocough*. Also, if the dude was killed by 3 nails, what makes you think he can't be killed by a gun? I mean if the guy died before, why can't he die again? As far as I know, no one said the guys immortal. I mean, HE DIED! So, if Jesus did comes back, what use would he be to us? But back to my point. If Jesus came back from.....wherever it was he went to, then the end of the world is suppose to happen. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that a bad thing? Why do we want the end of the world to happen?

You guys depend way too much on the bible, & I don't like it when you guys say I'm going to hell for certain things I do. Now, I'm not going to lie, you guys have a point with the gay people, & prostitutes. It does make sense for denying the natural way of having a child with a man & a women being a bad thing. Not I don't believe gay people are going to hell for being gay, but even if they are, WHY SHOULD YOU GIVE A FLYING F***! If a persons gay, just let them be! Don't try to "help" them. as for me, I support gay rights.

Also, prostitutes, I really can't defend much. No offenses ladies (I believe in women's rights, so please don't think I'm bashing you, plus since prostitution is "bad", I don't know what other typical role a women would play. If you girls have any suggestions, I'll take them), but technically, women are suppose to support there husbands by being at home & cooking & cleaning & stuff like that. I do not mean that as an insult in anyway, & if you women are offended by that, I apologies. But seriously, if its bad for women to want sex, & give up there bodies easily, than that's like the only other rolls they can typically play. I say typically, because there are lots of women in the military, & doing other important stuff outside of being just a housewife. So yeah, prostitution is bad, but damn it, there there for a reason! Men are always horny & must have a lot of restrain to not be, & some women do in face love to be easy. I don't like the fact that "******" are frowned upon in society. Im a nerd, so I need a *****!

K, I think I got off topic a bit. But anyway, religion is filled with manipulative people, hatred that always leads into wars, false promises from a divine being, & serious plot holes that make people question it.

So yeah. Do you think religion is helping the word today?
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What religion does is separate us. It makes people hate each other. It gets in the way of education. It gets in the way of freedom. It keeps people from thinking for themselves. Keeps them closed minded.

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A comparison between the Bible and other so-called holy books, the Qur'an included, reveal that only the Bible contains many, many highly specific prophecies that were fulfilled exactly as predicted. No other text – religious or otherwise – holds such an esteemed distinction. Given that it's humanly ** impossible ** for anyone to predict with full accuracy what's going to occur from one hour to the next it's clear that Bible prophecies are not of human – thus divine – origin :)

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Actually, available today are thousands and thousands of ancient Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek manusc<x>ripts of the Bible. In fact, no other ancient writings are as well attested to as the Bible's. When you compare these manusc<x>ripts to modern Bibles it's clear that these accurately render the ancient texts. As such, there's no reason to worry that additions, deletions, edits, margin notes or other changes have affected the text of today's Bibles :)

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Where does the Bible advocate hatred of marriage, the kidnapping and selling of human beings and the stoning of disobedient children? :)

Absolutely! :) Where can I see them? :)

I mostly do anime. Im trying to do other types of art work like sculpting, &amp; maybe painting, but for now, Im all Colored pencils &amp; markers. Here you go!:

Actually, the reason why there's so much suffering isn't because God is causing it or can't stop it but because people just don't care. They don't care about the horrible things they do to themselves much less what they do to other people. So if people cared more about themselves and others there wouldn't be so much suffering in the world. What a thought! :)<br />
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<br />
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Btw, just out of curiosity, what are you majoring in? :)

Liberal arts. Im working towards becoming a comic book artist, animator, &amp; voice actor. &amp; hopefully, I will make my own channel for cartoons &amp; anime. I love cartoons, &amp; anime, so I decided I want to create my own! ^.^ Wanna see my artwork?

You and I are on the same page. I too dislike all those religions whose members participate in warfare, terrorism, corruption and the sexual abuse of innocents, among other things. What I've learned is that there is a stark difference between man's religions and what the Bible teaches. <br />
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In fact, for the past 30 years I've been reading the Bible and applied its wisdom to every facet of my life. It's helped me be a great friend, son, student, brother, father, husband, employee, boss and counselor. More importantly, it's helped me find satisfying answers to questions like, What is the meaning of life?, Why are we here?, Who made us and why?, Is there life after death?, What happens to us when we die?, Why does a God of love permit so much suffering?, Is there hope for our dead loved ones?, What hope is there for the future of humanity? and many, many more. <br />
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Just out of curiosity, have you ever asked these kinds of questions? Have you been able to find satisfying answers for them? :)

"What is the meaning of life?": Never cared, but if I was to answer, it would to just live your life. There shouldn't be a more complicated answer than that. Just exist.

"Why are we here?": Never cared. I have better things to do than think about that, like play video games

"Who made us and why?": Never cared, but I do like the scientist answer to that, which is evolution on earth after the big bang.

"Is there life after death?": That whole idea is scary to me, so I don't dwell too much on it, but I like to think there is. But I do believe the rules to go to the dimensions, only depends on your actions with living things, &amp; the earth (A.K.A., don't be a ****).

"What happens to us when we die?": Isn't that the same thing as life after death? So my answer for that, would be the same for life after death.

"Why does a God of love permit so much suffering?": Actually, thats another reason why I don't believe in a conscience caucasian divine humanoid being with a beard. If humans give him so much credit for his power, then he should be able to fix the world with ease, but he doesn't. That means, there isn't any. So worshiping it is a waste of time.

"Is there hope for our dead loved ones?": Meh....don't really care. There dead, so what ever happens to them isn't my concern. I know it sounds cruel, but I really don't care. I would like to think they went to the proper dimensions, like my mom went to heaven, &amp; my grandma went to hell.

"What hope is there for the future of humanity?": That one is DEFINITELY up to the human race! You know, its ironic that homosapians are the most evolved species on earth, yet they are the most retarded. We start wars, we judge people based on there appearance, &amp; place a lot of dis trust in one another. Personally, I think humanity will destroy earth eventually. Retards! Seriously, I can't even say the word dumb. Were retards! So HELL NO! Its only a matter of time, until we nuke ourselves!

By the way, commenting on your last comment, I was abandoned by my father, &amp; I never tried to kill myself, dropped out of high school (Im in collage now), did drugs, raped anyone, or went to jail. Im just.........saiyan! :D

See my reply in the series of latest comments :)

LOL :) Just as you pointed out the dangers of drug use in your article, I'm trying to point out the dangers of the type of sexual behavior you crave. <br />
<br />
Does that mean it's wrong for you to get turned on by girls? Absolutely not! Having sexual feelings is completely normal. You can no more control your sexual urges than you can feelings of hunger or thirst. Your natural sexual impulses are nothing more than a gift from your Creator intended for you to enjoy in a healthy relationship with a spouse within the bounds of a loving marriage. In the same way our urge to eat and sleep are limited by healthy boundaries so too our need for intimacy. <br />
<br />
Now, while you can't control your urges what you can control is how you behave. Because you were created with Free Will, you ALWAYS have complete control over what you decide to do at any time (assuming, of course, you're not contending with a mental illness). While many will tell you that there's nothing wrong with sexually gratifying yourself, what they fail to mention is that those who habitually view pornographic material and then ********** end up suffering from an obsessive-compulsive disorder. Make no mistake, developing an obsessive-compulsive disorder will wreak havoc on your life for many, many years. This means it's healthy to avoid ************ and other forms of unhealthy sexual gratification.<br />
<br />
Don't misunderstand now. I'm not advising you to repress your sexual feelings. As I mentioned earlier, your sexual impulses are a natural biological function that were not designed to be "turned off". Trying to repress them is an exercise in futility and will only leave you feeling exhausted, frustrated and feeling very, very guilty. This is something you need to be wary of because persistent feelings of guilt can trigger clinical Depression and that's not what God wants for you. In time, though, the intensity of your sexual impulses should subside. That too is a natural function of your design as you mature. <br />
<br />
As many can attest to, abiding by these limitations leads to healthy, long lasting relationships. The importance of these limitations is underscored even more so when children come into the picture. This is evidenced by all the pain and hardship endured by the staggering number of children who don't know who their fathers are or have been abandoned by them. Statistics even show that these emotionally damadged children are more likely to commit suicide, drop out of high school, abuse chemical substances, commit rape, or end up in prison. <br />
<br />
Just as a busy city without traffic laws would result in a kind of anarchy that would lead to many unnecessary deaths and accidents, God's moral laws serve to keep us safe, healthy and happy - truly happy :)

Look, everything you just said, is something I already know. But your line here:

"God's moral laws serve to keep us safe, healthy and happy"

Goes back to the very same thing I was talking about. Ok, so that whole thing you wrote, is just common sense. Any normal human will understand this. But what Im trying to say, is that religious people look down on people who do that, &amp; thats what I hate.

But thats NOT the only reason why I don't like religion. It lacks logic. I know theres actual good religious people who don't judge &amp; guilt people into doing **** they think is right (like you), but I truly believe the crazy ones out rank the good ones, which is why religion has such a bad rep. No offense, but nothing about religion makes sense, which is why I don't like it. The "sex" thing was just the key that got me thinking more on it. I don't hate religion, since I know theres decent religious people like you around, but at the same time, I don't like hearing about the rules, laws, ideas, &amp; plans of a human God. I just don't like it. Im a man of logic, &amp; religion lacks logic all together.

Think about it like this. I have my own religion called "Dontbeadickanity". In it, you warship the sun, &amp; your required to look at **** daily. Your only sin, is being an ******* to people. Those are my moral laws serve to keep me safe, healthy and happy - truly happy! :D

Easy, easy bud :) We're just exchanging ideas here, that's all. I'm not making assumptions about you whatsoever :)<br />
<br />
Now, were you aware that having the kind of indiscriminate sex you desire with that kind of frequency "messes people up" just as bad, if not worst, than a drug addiction? :)

Yes, because all people who want to jerk off, &amp; have sex before marrage will get addicted to it. Its not like I don't have a life, nnnnnnnnno, Im a sex addict, (&amp; apperently a drug addict because Im a sex addidt) &amp; I should "never" think about girls. I might as well turn gay!

Dude, what is it with you &amp; addiction?

Great question! :) <br />
<br />
As I'm sure you know, doing drugs can be just as pleasurable as having sex - for some even more so. Since your life philosophy revolves around you having as much pleasure as possible, why is one ok but not the other? :)

The hell? I don't care about which ones right &amp; wrong, I just want to do it! &amp; why do you assume I do drugs just because I want sex? Im offended by that! All I know, is I want to bang chicks. I don't want to do drugs, because I know it messes people up, plus most are illigal, unlike **** &amp; sex! How is that so hard to understand? I don't like religion, because it clashes with my way of life, &amp; it lacks major logic! "I want sex, so that means I do drugs", what the f man? Now your acting like the bad religious ******! &gt;:(

@Ticia<br />
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These are treated the exact same way apostates and others who violated God's laws were treated by the Christian congregations of the first century. - 1 Corinthians 5:11-13; Titus 3:10, 11; 1 Timothy 1:19, 20; 1 John 2:18, 19.<br />
<br />
More importantly, you overlook the fact that these are lovingly welcomed back with open arms once they've shown their lives once again conform with God's laws - <br />
<br />
"5 Now if anyone has caused sadness, he has saddened, not me, but all of YOU to an extent—not to be too harsh in what I say. 6 This rebuke given by the majority is sufficient for such a man, 7 so that, on the contrary now, YOU should kindly forgive and comfort [him], that somehow such a man may not be swallowed up by his being overly sad. 8 Therefore I exhort YOU to confirm YOUR love for him. 9 For to this end also I write to ascertain the proof of YOU, whether YOU are obedient in all things. 10 Anything YOU kindly forgive anyone, I do too. In fact, as for me, whatever I have kindly forgiven, if I have kindly forgiven anything, it has been for YOUR sakes in Christ’s sight; 11 that we may not be overreached by Satan, for we are not ignorant of his designs." -2 Corinthians 2:5-11<br />
<br />
"8 Hence even if I saddened YOU by my letter, I do not regret it. Even if I did at first regret it, (I see that that letter saddened YOU, though but for a little while,) 9 now I rejoice, not because YOU were just saddened, but because YOU were saddened into repenting; for YOU were saddened in a godly way, that YOU might suffer no damage in anything due to us. 10 For sadness in a godly way makes for repentance to salvation that is not to be regretted; but the sadness of the world produces death. 11 For, look! this very thing, YOUR being saddened in a godly way, what a great earnestness it produced in YOU, yes, clearing of yourselves, yes, indignation, yes, fear, yes, longing, yes, zeal, yes, righting of the wrong! In every respect YOU demonstrated yourselves to be chaste in this matter. 12 Certainly, although I wrote YOU, I did it, neither for the one who did the wrong, nor for the one who was wronged, but that YOUR earnestness for us might be made manifest among YOU in the sight of God. 13 That is why we have been comforted." -2 Corinthians 7:8-13<br />
<br />
"No discipline seems for the present to be joyous, but grievous; yet afterward to those who have been trained by it it yields peaceable fruit, namely, righteousness." —Hebrews 12:11.


Again, religion has too many laws, boring stories, &amp; weird ancient writing that people in America in this day &amp; age don't write &amp; talk like. The Bible is all those things, plus it's one hell of a big *** book. I don't want to read Harry Potter, let alone a Bible, its too damn big! Im not big on reading, plus religion doesn't interest me. I told you, the only righteous rule I need, is don't be a ****.

Actually this is in response to Ticia's malicious and grossly inaccurate attack on our beliefs :) I know you don't like to read :)

I can see why you feel the way you do. In fact, I would say that it's not uncommon for young people like you to feel the same way. It seems your philosophy is to have as much pleasure as you want to. If that's true, do you regularly use drugs like meth and crack? :)

What exactly does drugs have ANYTHING to do with **** &amp; sex?

That's an interesting way of looking at it :)<br />
<br />
If I could ask, how did you come to develop this concept of God? What evidence is it ba<x>sed on? :)

Do you want the absolute truth? Gilt of ************, &amp; fornication. Im a 21 year old virgin nerd, who is shy of talking to women, &amp; a very high sex drive. Also, I don't think I would manage to keep a girlfriend, let alone find one I like, but until I do get my act together with girls, **** is my outlet. But I remember hearing somewhere, that fornication, ************, &amp; looking at girls the wrong way, are bad according to the laws of religion. Thats when I started thinking more on the topic. I noticed that a lot of things don't add up with religion. Of corse there a LOT of things wrong, so I can't name them all. Then it accorded to me, that going to church is a waste of time. If "Human God" is so forgiving, then he will allow me to go to heaven if I don't go to church, don't kill anyone, &amp; go home &amp; play Tenkaichi 3. Plus, with all the sex laws that are set up for religion, that makes living a living hell! The rules are:

1) No sex before marriage
2) No ******* off
3) Can't look at a women the wrong way
4) Can't divorce once married
5) Can't be gay (Im not gay, but its messed up that religious people think that way)

&amp; all of this, is based off of a basic prediction, for rules to get into another realm from beyond the grave, that is suppose to be filled with all that you desire, that no one ever had proof of its existence, since no one has been there &amp; back. Well, I want hot women in my pants, &amp; I want them in mine! If I have the ability to do that while Im alive &amp; well on earth, why would I wait until I die to get hot women? Putting that aside, lets say you do follow the rules. You have a high sex drive, but you never jerked off, have one night stands, &amp; looked at ****. You find a girl that you think you like, so you marry her. But after words, she turns out to be someone you hate, plus, she doesn't want to have sex, but you can't divorce her. So basically, you spent your entire life following the rules of religion (which is suppose to make you happy), only to be tied to some lady who you hate, for the rest of your life. You would pretty much die a virgin.

Also, do you understand how mean &amp; insensitive religious people make Human God? They pretty much described him as an evil dictator. "Do as I say, or you will be punished. If you do as I say, you will be rewarded". Religion has too many rules. This is the only rule of righteousness I need:

DON'T BE A ****!

There you go. Thats all. Be nice to your fellow man, &amp; don't beat the crap out of him. Im a good person who does good things for mankind, while not going to church, &amp; watching ****. Is Human God SERIOUSLY going to send me to hell for that?

Well thanks! I think you're pretty swell too, hahah :)<br />
<br />
Let me ask you now, do you think God loves you or is he indifferent to you? :)

I don't think God has a Conscience. The idea of a human God makes no sense to me. I like to think God is the big bang. It makes more sense. To think of a humanoid to create the entire universe, &amp; only pay attention to one planet, sounds silly. The big bang makes more sense, since its not something anyone can make up, or manipulate, &amp; its more logical . I say the Egyptians got the idea of God correct. They said they have a sun god, called Ra. The sun, is the closest thing we as members of planet earth have as a God. It is a well known fact, that it did create life on earth, plus, you can't disprove it, since we see it everyday! To warship the sun sounds cool, but a supernatural beared guy on a cloud? Pass!

You're right. There are hundreds of thousands of religions in the world. If God set these up for us to learn to worship Him properly, learn to love one another, and have useful, peaceful lives, we can only arrive at one of two conclusions: Either he failed miserably or he didn't set them up in the first place and something else is behind them. What do you think is going on?

What I "think", is that the majority of religious people should think like you &amp; I. You do not sound like a crazy converter, so I have no reason to chew you out. You &amp; I think the same way, except I don't go to church. You aren't into that converting &amp; judging crap, your just doing what religion was meant to be, &amp; that is to help people. See, I like that. YOU give religion a good name! But, most religious people aren't like you, &amp; even if they are like you, they still talk about God, &amp; stuff like that. Its not that I don't believe in God, its that I don't believe that a divine being would give commands to anybody. I really don't want to hear the talk about a talking God, &amp; stuff like that. But I do like you dude. Your awesome, &amp; I home one day, all religion can co exist without killing each other!

What problems are you referring to? The fact that they refuse to join the military and kill for the government? That problem? :)


Look. All I know, is that there are crazy religious people in the world, who believe there way is better than everyone else. Sadly, there giving good religious people bad reps, &amp; Im sorry for that. But over all, it all boils down to the same thing: Believe in God, read the bible, don't sin. Thats the part Im focusing on.

Look, I get it. There are good religious people out there, &amp; Im not chewing them out. Im chewing out the ones who are trying to choke there beliefs down your throat. Think about it like this: You know everything you say the good religious people do? I do the same thing, except I stay out of churches.

Problems? Oh, like how they treat apostates and their former disfellowshipped neighbors? Yeah, that's a massive problem. JWs are a cult of the worst caliber.

See my Apr 25th, 2012 9:48AM reply :)

Do you know of any other global religious organization that's been able to accomplish what they have? The proof, as they say, is in the pudding :)

Yeah. &amp; Its that very same religion that causes so many problems in america. Don't forget that!

You don't suffer from Amnesia do you? :) The premise of your story is that all religion is bad. I gave you real world examples that contradict your generalization. The Christian religion Jehovah's Witnesses practice is extremely good. In fact, it's so good it's been able to overcome many of the social ills plaguing mankind such as racism, bigotry and hatred. Even atheists haven't been able to accomplish that. If what you're trying to figure out is how to make the world a better place I'd suggest you take a closer look at them. They've figured it out :)

So, your only defending Christian?

Actually, what you should be asking is, why are Jehovah's Witnesses the only Christian religion that's been able to accomplish this? What are they doing right? That's the million dollar question! :)

"Why are Jehovah's Witnesses the only Christian religion that's been able to accomplish this?" What is "this", &amp; why should I care? I don't care what a Jehovah's Witnesses reason for why they do what they do, I just want them to stop. But If I were to guess, you would say something like "To spread the word of Jesus", or something like that. Which brings me back to, why do we need Jesus? He may have been cool 2000 years ago, but in todays day &amp; age, we don't need a necromancer ninja, clamming to be a demi god. Hell, I'ed pay them two million dollars to get the bastards off my lawn!

Why should I even want to know the reason why Jehovah's Witnesses do what they do? How will this benefit me in any way?

Of course it isn't ok for anyone to force their beliefs on anyone. Jesus shared his beliefs with those who wanted to listen. He never forced anyone to believe anything he had to say. Those who didn't want to listen he left alone. <br />
<br />
As to your question, you asked if religion was helping the world today and, with the examples of the Jehovah's Witnesses I should you how they have been able to break through the barriers of racism, bigotry and hatred precisely because of their faith. Instead of hatred, their faith breeds unity and love. It's a characteristic unique to members of their faith :)

So according to you, religious people are notorious for

1) Being ok with gays &amp; lesbians
2) Being ok with Fornication &amp; ************
3) Choosing to not go with religion
4) Being ok with the opinion of others

Cause thats not how I see it as. Plus Jehovah's Witnesses are useless &amp; annoying.

Jehovah's witnesses=cult. A twisted, ridiculous cult. That "religion" tears families apart. I'm afraid our friend Max is either blissfully ignorant or brainwashed.


You asked a question and I gave you the answer, that's all :) If you don't want answers, why do you ask so many questions? :)

Im not saying your answers bad, what I want to know, is whats your point of you telling me about Jehovah's Witness &amp; some war I never herd of on my story, that has nothing to do with that. What I want to know, is how is Religion helping people today? According to that thing you showed me, that war happened years ago. I don't care what happened then, I want to know if its ok to force your beliefs on to others because you believe your better than them.

&amp; Im suppose to care about this, why?

If what you claim is accurate, why do Jehovah's Witness Arabs and Israellis love one another? Why, during the bloody Rwandan civil war, did Jehovah's Witness Hutus willingly sacrifice their lives to protect their Tutsi brethren? :)

What started the war to begin with?

If the kingdom of heaven is "within", as Jesus said it was, where then is the kingdom of hell?<br />
<br />
Paul/Saul (who established christianity as it exists today) would have you believe that the kingdom of heaven is up there somewhere - in the sky - perhaps alongside Mithra?<br />
<br />
I find it interesting that christians choose Paul's take on the matter. How much easier it is for one who is to be afraid of something that doesn't exist than it is to learn about something that does.<br />
<br />
So an entire religion was established that worships a man whose ideas are rejected - hence the need for the provably make-believe crucifiixtion story.

If the kingdom of heaven is "within", as Jesus said it was, where then is the kingdom of hell?<br />
<br />
Paul/Saul (who established christianity as it exists today) would have you believe that the kingdom of heaven is up there somewhere - in the sky - perhaps alongside Mithra?<br />
<br />
I find it interesting that christians choose Paul's take on the matter. How much easier it is for one who is to be afraid of something that doesn't exist than it is to learn about something that does.<br />
<br />
So an entire religion was established that worships a man whose ideas are rejected - hence the need for the provably make-believe crucifiixtion story.

Hay dude, Im not an atheist, but I do side with them more than I do with religious ******. If you dogging about the part when I said I believe in heaven &amp; hell, that is just me. I don't care if it exist or not, its just one of those things that makes me sane. Im not telling you to believe in it, Im just saying I do.

Oh wait, I just remembered something. Jesus has healing powers. He can heal people & stuff like that. Ok, theres something.<br />
<br />
But, if his return means the end of the world, then......isn't that the oppisite of healing people? Like I said, plot holes.

But seriously, were did Jesus go?

You pretty much said it helps you. I can understand that. I truly do. I live by my own code of life, that in away is a religion. Its just the actual religions I don't like. If you think outside of what they believe in, they treat you badly. I mean, maybe, just maybe they made sence to the people when religions were first invented, but now a days, its stupid. I said this in another story of mine. If God had a concence, then he would be able to up date religion, & make new definations to what a "sin" is.

I never suggested that you convert to my way of thinking, or that you suggested that I convert to yours. Just trying to make the point that I have my own belief-set and it doesn't have as many contradictions in it. If there were a God, I would think that he would have the decency to come to earth to explain things in terms that we, who live thousands of years after his last alleged appearances, could understand. Peace : )

THANK YOU! I had religious people say that he would never do that! But I'ed rather listen to the guy in charge, than his so called ******* followers!

All I can attest to is that it helps me, my friends and family. Since we are all part of this world and strive to love the person and hate the sin.Then yes I believe religion is helping the world today.