I always enjoy listening to people explain their belief by resorting to the "original Greek" to explain what a passage really means.

My question is, why if our eternal salvation is so closely linked to the word of god, don't they do a better job of translating it?  I know its tough, but you think with the holy spirit's help they could get it right.

On the other hand if its not possible to translate it correctly from Greek, why don't we make Greek our official language and abandon English?

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greek is very difficult language i know bcz im greek.. even some books from bible is writenn in greek language ..i think its better the greek language

As anyone who speaks multiple languages will tell you, it can sometimes be extremely difficult to translate ideas from one language to another. This is why it's so important to consider the foreign language's context. It really is the only way to arrive at a precise understanding at what is being communicated.

WOW DeeDee - brilliant writiing.

I like people who've made up their own religion, its kind of what I've done too.

Then you love my creation story!

WTF???I only know English and I'm Christan

It isn't just translating. i am a believer and Catholic, yet my bible has 3 more books than my protestant husband's. What about the gnostic gospels? i know that the "church had the council of Nicea and decided what books to keep and what to throw out. I wish I could go back in time and talk to Jesus.

I think if more theists took theology classes and studied the original translations in Hebrew and Greek there would be SOOO many people that would realize how much influence man has had in determining what they are supposed to accept as "inspired by god." It's scary how many people take the KJV version literally, word for word, when some of those "words" are substituted because there is literally NO English translation from the origina Hebrew/Greek....<br />
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~sigh~ ...sheep to the slaughter......