Rabies From Saving Kitten - Later Bipolar

Hello:  PLEASE help by sharing any/all...my sister tried to save a kitten that bit her...it died a few days later in the state animal protective agency who called her and mandated 12 weeks of painful shots for rabies treatments.....not too long after that she started to experience panic attacks and social anxiety and agoraphobia, etc.  and finally was misdiagnosed by phsychiatrist who gave her a benzoperine knowing that she had resorted to alchol to self medicate that now was an even bigger health risk!  2 years of chaos and being shuffled from one dr./alch/mental center to another to no avail!  finally a phychiatrist who gets the dual diagnosis (sami- substantce abuse and mental health) however, the rabies I believe triggered the toxic substance in brain to cause this NEUROLOGICAL disorder--please share all --will call/elaborate as postings occur God willing...thank you much

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1 Response Feb 27, 2010

Did she drink alcohol while on the Rabies Treatments? Sounds to me, she actually has or had a case of Rabies. She needs to see a Medical Doctor, not a Psych. The Symptoms she has, sounds just like a person with Rabies.