Lettin Loose

Feeling kinda frustrated right now. I'm pretty sure I understand why I'm feeling this way but I'm choosing to handle it by griping on EP. 

My ex has moved his mom in with him to share bills the bad part is she sucks at raising kids and he's not doing it. The
schedule is he gets them m-f and I get them on the weekend. This will be so until Spring Break. 

Right now my oldest son... is struggling. 

He's a great kid, super smart, very loving, kind and tender hearted but he needs someone to love him enough to set boundaries for him to grow within. Every time he's come home these last few weeks it's been more and more difficult to build the boundaries he needs. I mean all week long... ALL week long his Dad plays video games while granny does... god knows what. 

Just yesterday my 5 year old admitted to hitting his younger brother because there was a dispute over a toy. His words were "I told Dad, Mom, but he just ignored me cause he was playing his stupid video games." It took every ounce of self control to not let them see the fire that just about consumed me at hearing that. Instead, I said "I'll talk to Dad about it sweetie. Your with Mom now and I don't hang around people who hurt others."

The other thing that makes me mad... My middle son had some kind of stomach ailment that sent him to the restroom often. He missed school one day and had to be picked up early two other days. The school called me on Friday and told me he had been this way for three days now. I went to pick him up and when we got in the car he reached into his backpack and pulled out an opened bag of candy and grape juice. My eyes got big as saucers and I texted dad suggesting that  candy and grape juice prolly wasn't the best idea with stomach issues. I went and got the child some medicine and gatorade and thankfully today he's fine. 

What kind of parent does these things... oh wait, I know.... a parent doesn't right? 
I pray that this will end soon. Until a judge says this is the way it's going to be then my ex will continue to fight for time with them but then play video games while they're there... 
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Feb 25, 2012