I have been given an amazing task since October 21st 2013~ My youngest brother Stephen has to work 3am to 4pm Five to six days a week and he needed a baby setter for his child. Well, I was the only option in teh family of 14 kids, because everyone else works, has a tight budget or an even tighter schedule. I amy not be rich, but I can cook, clean, and enjoy life even with a mental illness. i was always told by my doctors I would probably never be capable or able to bear children, but I knew deep within my heart I wanted to at least exsperiance a child somewhere in my days. My prayers were answered when Michael turned four! Stephen asked me to take on this challenge, and trust me, I never knew I can love soemthing so much untill I fell in love with watching my nephew. At first we watched Sponge bob Square pants untill I fell asleep with the song in my head; then next came Bob the Builder, Handy Manny, and yes of course Micky Mouse club house. I got to teach him how to brush his teeth, how to make his bed, how to clean his room, I also taught him manners like please and thank you-welcome. Having this child in my life has allowed me a purpose for living, and I enjoy teaching him new things; I love it when he looks at me on any given day, wraps his arms around me for a huge hug and says; You are the bestest!
Heartandsoul101 Heartandsoul101
36-40, F
Jan 6, 2014