I have raised my kids to be young ladies and gentlemen. First I lay down the law and lay it down hard. I didn't want my kid waking up at 11 am so I set their alarm on the weekend for 7 am and summer for 8:45 am I also didn't want my kids staying up till 2 in the morning so at 10 pm they are sent to their rooms to go to bed and if I hear a peep after that they get spanked. Spankings were used in my house they were usually private though. My son who was 13 at the time was building a fire with me and I said to him "Nick go get some more wood please" after 30 seconds he was still standing there I said "Nick I am waiting" 10 more seconds I said "I am at 3" I grabbed him by the arm and took him into his room took his boxers off put him over my knee and I spanked him with a wooden spoon for 5 minutes. Another time with my daughter Shona who was 10 I said "Shona please sit down" She sat but starting pouting. I yanked her up pulled her pants down held her hand up and gave her two hard swats with my hand. She starting bawling I said "Shona Nicole you do not cry like a baby!" She looked me straight in the eye and yelled no. I grabbed her hand pulled her into her room got her naked put her face down on her bed and gave her 10 whips with the belt. My youngest girl Fiona was 9 at the time and I heard her yelling at nick after 10 pm I came into her room pulled her pants down and spanked her for a minute with my hand. I was a mom who had chores for kids I sent them over to neighbors to work for free but I gave them an allowance every week. It was 1 dollar. My kids had to cook their own meals except for on holidays. Holidays were a big deal at my house so I would always cook a meal and invite the whole family over. My kids weren't allowed to go to friends house only family. Our family always took a trip every summer.
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you really are strict. But I like it. however, it maybe make your kid no comfortable, you can less strict than by 1TopSpy, it can help you track your kid everywhere and whenever.