I Was Daydreaming :-/

Both times were because I was distracted, thinking about a man! Unbelievable to me that we can be somewhere, doing something, yet be entirely not present. What a useful skill, I guess… just not when driving!

Makes me wonder how much of someone we really have when we’re together with them. Is there such a thing as “completely focused” and “present” conversation between two people? Especially men and women? Personally, I’m thinking of maybe eight other things while I write these few sentences! LOL
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3 Responses Aug 9, 2010

I know for me I have to make a mental effort to focus on things/or people. My work demands me to be able to multi-task at a crazy pace for 8 hours a day and after doing that all day long it's hard to just flip a switch and turn it off. In my mind I can easily be thinking about a number of things at the same time, sometimes it can be rather frustrating.

You mean that this is not normal GW?? argh.<br />
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Crafted I am truly impressed. I can only think of one thing at a time...I've never been able to multi-think. It's a real effort for me to remember even what I have been saying mid sentence much of the time...very annoying really.<br />
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I was speaking to xRocks on the phone late a couple of nights ago and must have been thinking about something completely different to what he was asking me. So when he asked the question (still don't know what he asked me!) I came up with an totally illogical answer, something like..."...there weren't enough bra-s to pick up!" Somehow my daydream managed to get verbalised...very weird.

I would..hmmm look at the bunny in the yard..like to add...yikes that Robin sure is loud...something more...I need a cup of tea...but I think...yuk plants are going into fall... you have....wow look her nice... it covered. ;-)