Running Away.

I tried running away with my boyfriend and two of mine and his friends recently and it went pretty smoothly at first we had pretty much the best day. We went to a creek and swam and went back to his house and watched movies and then to one of our friends houses and they smoked a little and then we left just me and him, but when we got to his house his mother said she was getting calls and texts from my parents who traced my phone but I had it turned off so they couldn't get a location but they read my phone bill and saw I was texting him so they read the texts and found where I was and we paniced and didn't know what to do so we found our friends sister and asked if I could just stay with them until tomarrow when we were planning on leaving and as she said yes as long as the police don't come up to our door asking for you then I don't mind, the police came and had to "arrest" me. I went and they were being smart assed and everything. They called and let my dad know they found me and we sat and explained why I left which was I didn't have any freedom (i.e My sister is 19 and still has her permit because they won't let her drive.) Also I wanted to go with my boyfriend he was leaving so I decided I'd go too and just start over on my own and prove to them that I can take care of myself and still have all the freedom I'd like to have and it seemed perfect at the time but I guess not because we all got caught and I'm currently on probation and have to do 12 hours of communtiy service which isn't so bad but now my mom doesn't even let me talk to my boyfriend and lied to my face saying he told her he wanted to break up with me when his exact words were "its gonna kill me to tell her." So now I can't even trust them and they're even more controlling then before. So I have to ask myself, "Why are you running away.?" I was willing to give and sacrafice and it just seems like there's nothing I can do or say. I'd just like to be told the truth you know I'd do that for you. Also there was nothing I could do to make my boyfriend change his mind about leaving so if I didn't go he would've left anyway. He still wants to date but I've been told by family and others I could do better and deserve someone who's willing to stay with me no matter what. What do you think give him another try or find someone else.?
CaitlynJ CaitlynJ
18-21, F
Aug 11, 2012