Random.. Right Here Right Now

Here, and now.. why am I still here? My purpose being?

What comes next? Where will I end up? Is any of it worth it in the end?

Especially if it's alone?

Feeling alone, in a room full of emptiness...
Littlemisssomebody Littlemisssomebody
31-35, F
8 Responses Jul 31, 2010

Hey wifey, I only ever have warm thoughts for you.. a few other dodgy ones too, but then you know me =) I am here - um yeah next?<br />
<br />
Ford: I get motion sickness really bad, so the spinning round and round randomly doesn't do my head any good. I once had to leave a disneyland ride because I almost passed out. But ooh rainbows..

Meh, north is boring anyway....following a randomly spinning inner compass is how I managed to see a good portion of the country and meet a good number of interesting people ;-)

Thank you for your comment Ford, my inner compass is in a tail spin currently I'm not even sure it's pointing north anymore. Hey atleast it looks pretty when it spins round and round though...guess there's something to it =) Cheers again, LMS

I don't know you but, since we have similar random thoughts on the topic, I like you already! lol<br />
I don't have the answers, but following your instincts and inner compass seems to be a good start :-)

Your purpose might be to add your inquisitive mind to our EP meting pot. You are never alone because we are listening. Your future is what you make it. I know this because i have fallen flat on my face trying to build a future. I continue to get up and truly,sometimes, do not know why I bother trying again but I do. Alone is most often a state of mind. I have been alone in a crowd before. We are here and if you look hard enough maybe someone is there in your non-EP life to who cares. Hugs!

Why are any of us here, for that matter, sweetie? You have your whole life ahead of you. Your future is so bright, you're gonna have to wear shades! *Kisses&Huggles*

I think your awesome too.I have those same thoughts and feelings alot of times myself.I would be glad to chat with you

**big hugs eso** Thank you.