One silly childhood memory would be getting married to my best friend at that time who was also my neighbour under our desk in class in kindergarten. That was 12 years ago and we were only 5 back then. He got under the desk first while the teacher Ms. Nathalie was copying something on the chalk board with her back facing us. When I asked him why did he do that he just gave me that stay quiet gesture and told me to get under the desk too. And so I did. Next thing I know we're sitting facing each other under our desk and he out of nowhere pulls this plastic ring out of his shorts pocket and puts in on my finger saying how we're married now. Right when he leans in to kiss me the teacher turns her back to the board and with this confused look on her face she asks us what we were doing on the ground telling us to get back to our chairs. When I got back home I remember telling my mum about my day at school and mentioning that. I just had to tell the entire ******* world about it *facepalm* and they still tease me for it to this day.
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Hehe how cute lol XD

A bit I guess, only when I look back on it now :P

Ah the tragedy of love, how cruel this world can be to get so close yet so far XD

Lol this was one hell of an embarrassing story to me