Darkness Of Sadness

I was born into a family that was beyond broken. My mother abandoned myself and my sister when i was only 4 years old. Since then I have been raised by my grandmother with my cousin and my sister. About 2 years ago I found out that my biological father did some really horrible things to my sister. I didnt understand any of it. I fell into a deep depression were everything seemed so hopeless, even though it wasnt. I handled things in the wrong way, and I was put on medication. I dont think anyone realises how much happened to me in that year I was stuck in the darkness of sadness. The thoughts that ran through my mind, the horror I experienced in my head everyday, no one will ever know, because I would not want to burden the thought of it on them also. Bad relationships made it even worse, I walked through school in silence and it seemed that I was not aware that my legs were leading me though the courtyards to the classrooms. Everyones voices were a distant mumble. And then there was always those other voices, and they werent human. They still haunt me, but I will never stop fighting. No one should ever give up.
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Jan 9, 2013