At The Air Port

i dont know why but for some reason people meet me and decide to tell me personal things.  i had been living in washington state for about 6 months and after my bf broke up with me i decided to move back home, the soonest flight i could take was a red eye flight with a 7 hour layover at seattle seatac.  so i get off the plane and head out side to smoke a cigarette, when this woman who was a few years older than me came up and asked for a light, i hand her my lighter and we begin small talk, she asked were i was going and i told her back home and this apparently was an open invite into her world.  she told me how she wished she could go home and the reasons why she couldnt go home, after about 3 hours and a 1/2 of a pack of cigarettes i went back in and checked my fight stuff and all that well eventually i wondered out again and there she was.  she and i talked til my flight was called, well she did most of the talking i pretty much listened.  i dont remember much of the conversation since it was so long ago but the one thing i do remember is her thanking me, and her saying no one has ever listened to her the way i did.  i will probablly never see this woman ever again.  but i just find it interesting out of all the people in the air port for her to come and talk to it was me.

this was not the first time this has happened and it deffinatly wasnt the last either
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True. i have talked to many a caring stranger and many and uncaring stranger. I am always a caring stranger myself.

I think its a great thing. Its quite common at places like the airport for that kind of thing to happen. Whats nice about it is that you opened up to her and let her speak. It was a chance meeting but one that affected her deeply. I wish more people had time to do that - just listen. And not only at the airport. Sometimes we all need a caring stranger (lame but true). :)