At Work

this isnt the first job ive had where people tell me things however some of the personal things im told on a daily basis by  my coworkers, ive been told about one co workers struggle with drug addiction, one coworker who was a younger girl told me how her stepdad abuses her (she is no longer in that situation) it  just amazes me what they tell me and i am their supervisor.  the one with the drug addiction told me one day since a few days after meeting me she just wanted to tell me things, deep dark secrets that shes never told anyone. i asked her why? why me?  there are plenty of other people we work with and she just said "i dont know, you are just one of those people that dont judge anyone, for their past."  which is true but its not like i tell people this however they can just read the type of person i am.
zombieprincess2010 zombieprincess2010
31-35, F
Aug 8, 2010