Neighbors And The Etiquette Of Mowing The Lawn

The recent rain has caused my grass to grow a bit higher than normal so I spent part of my Sunday mowing my lawn. While I was mowing, I noticed that my neighbor, Nicholas, had recently mowed deep into my property line out of courtesy to me. You see, that is what men do to show respect for their neighbor. We don't stop cutting the lawn at the property line.. we go a little further into the property line of our neighbor so that he has less to cut when he gets around to it. It's a form of caveman type of communication between male neighbors.

This was all the more interesting to me today because Nicholas is a Russian immigrant and had been unfamiliar with this man/mowing/neighbor etiquette when he moved here. Most of this summer, I would mow part of his lawn on his half of the property line, but he would never reciprocate-- until today.

So, I am happy now. Both of my neighbors, Nicholas and Claude, now understand the etiquette of mowing the lawn. We can signal our appreciation of each other by lawn etiquette and occaional waves of the hand, and never be forced to actually talk about our feelings. (smile)
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Ha!! I like this story....that last line is perfect!!! *giggles at the machismo* =}

I had to laugh when I read this story. My neighbor and I used to share a common "flower bed". No lawn there but a patch of ground cover. It was full of "crab grass". So I spent a Saturday pulling and chopping out the veil stuff.
I went past the property line, and did about 90% of the bed, until the sun set. That evening I was roundly chastized for my efforts by my wife. "You went way past the property line!" she yells at me. I explained to her that the weeds were on his half to, and it would do me no good to not do the whole thing. She was not impressed. Now the neighbor, he brought me some fresh cooked burgers and a bottle of wine for my efforts!
It is the little things in life that matter. It is one world, not mine vs yours, the sooner we understand that the better off we will all be.

Hmmm .. there is much more to it than that

There are acceptable times to mow .. and non aceptable

I learned something new today! Is it ok that I grin now?

Cry because I'm so touched? Sorry *rofl*

Your nick should be thathilariousguy! :-D

#57. When in the mostly densely populated state in the country do not, I repeat DO NOT mow thy neighbor's lawn without his expressed written consent.<br />

Well, I guess it depends where you live because behavior like that would never fly at my old abode. Property lines are sacred man!<br />
Thou shalt not cross unto thy neighbor's domain with with nature trimming apparatus--ever.<br />
Do that and there would most definitely be communication, but it would involve the pointing out of the dividing lines that separate the clans.<br />
Once those lines get blurred said caveman could make a case for inadvertently building his deck or his pool too close to the line someday using the excuse that "we have been mowing this way for years your honor--it was implied. Not my fault."<br />
Of course that's NJ-- where every square inch you can scrape together and call your own is, by definition--yours. <br />
It is each caveman for himself out here I'm afraid. <br />
You are funny. I wish I lived near you. It sounds nice.

in UK we either have gardens protected by fences or very small and usually mowed totally by one or other of those who share the lawn!

This is so true. If you move from one state to another sometimes the rules change. It would be interesting to see a Regional Caveman Communication Guide.

Well, If you leave to the mainland, for a visit, It;s possible that your palm trees may be removed to improve anothers view of the ocean. That has occurred and no one admits to it. That's Polynesian matchete edicate. Neighbors can be sneaky. That's another story.

Men! ((rolls eyes and giggles))

You guys and your "man codes". Some of you should write a book or something. Help us ladies out.