Case# 123 Circle Neglect

                                                                *  court is hereby in session....the defendant may now plead her case.... *

*magic walks in .....* *puts hand on ep manual*

i swear to tell the truth & nothin' but the truth...

*magic takes the stand..*

my name is blackmagicwoman and i have been accused of circle neglect...

*ep member in crowd:  damn straight!!!*

i know i know....really!! i really really dont mean to neglect ANYBODY at ANYTIME!!! you see guys the thing my time zone i differ atleast 6 - 9 hours from most people in my circle..and i try to stay in contact but when you sleep, i work and visa versa...

*ep member in crowd: then move....sheesh*..what do you want? sympathy??*

no no not at all....really if i could be in two places at once i would be...please please understand *stifles a sob*
and then the other thing...i work really hard from really early till really late most nights, and then i need to still do loads of things at home!!

*ep member: cant you just make a living being awesome??*

ah!! i wish i could so that i could hang out here all day....but i .....just.....cant. i have a terrible ..terrible personal secret to share...

*crowd gasps...whispers break out*

i need to work hard because my puppy.......*sniffle* puppy he has a cookie addiction *hides face in shame* THERE!! there i said it!!!
and i need to work to feed his habit!!

*ep member: rehab....puppy rehab...take him there!!*

its to expensive ...that means more work....less ep....i just cant do that to you guys...*sniffle*

you see i love you guys alot, and it doesnt mean if im here less i love you less....*sob* just means i love you more in less time is all.....

*magic starts sobbing*

*ep crowd starts chanting softley ...slow at first..clapping* "magic magic magic*

*sniffle* awww you guys....i knew you would understand....hugs and kisses to all!! mwah mwah mwah ...hug hug hug!!

Magic loves you :)


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11 Responses Nov 10, 2011

I like this post very much. I almost wish someone will act it out and post it on the net.

Hehe...very funny and clever

GUILTY I the Bunny Gallows with Magic.....100 Bunny Hugs and 1000 tickles!!!

Love, love, love this. Thank you magic. Your soul is awsome.

Lol that was cute

I love this post!! original and so funny .. you the bomb diggity chick no court in the world would convict you ! =-P

hahaha this is cute

i love this post... :0]

I love always find the most creative ways to express yourself :)

As someone who has two rather large puppies, with even larger cookie addictions, I can sympathize. Keep on being awesome! :)

*rolls eyes and giggles* Of course I was talking about the canines :).

*giggles @ Beau*

Aww BMW! This was hilarious but, don't worry I understand. I am sure everyone here does, you have a life outside of EP! :)

hahahaha! What is this "life" thing you speak of? :P