Video Of My Daughter And I Walking To The Bus Stop. (with A Guest Appearance By Local Ducks :)

This is a video of my daughter and I walking to her bus stop one morning this past week.  We discuss geography, horn beeping neighbors and ducks.  :)

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It was really nice..I liked have captured very simple moment of daughter and dad conversations in video...and thats beautiful thought.

Thanks papri. That's the idea. I wanted to show a few simple moments in my life with my friends. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

@letscollide -- That was a very thoughtful comment. My usual snarky-type response just doesn't seem appropriate. I'm glad you watched it. Thanks. :)

Cute. Brings back memories :-) When I was a was walking a little less than 5 miles barefoot, but though snow 3 feet deep in winter ;-)

Uphill both ways? :)

Thanks for sharing this beautiful time with your child! Enjoy her now, she will grow too fast! It causes me to remember when my girls were young!

Ah, so right. :)

This is priceless. The reason I added you was because of your duckstories and now I get to see the ducks and your walk. Somehow I imagined an older neighborhood but this is really nice. Those times with our kids are so special, I remember how mine where. Thanks for making me remember those days again. Great story.

The trees are old, but not the homes. :)

A good flashback when she's grown up...btw, I like your voice! You are really my EP crush. ***winks!

Awww. Thanks. :)

Looks like a wonderful experience. She'll like playing this when she's older.

You are both sweet and funny! :-D

Awww. Thanks. :)



Another best day, ever.

Way to go, Dad.

Thank you much.


Adorable kiddo! And she's right, ducks do bite. Even semi-domesticated ones.

Thank you. :) And, good info about the ducks. I'll beware.

Oh and btw she is adorable.

Thank you. :)

Doggone it... how far away is this bus stop? :)

It is a 5 minute walk. but that is nothing--- when I was a kid, we had to walk barefoot for 5 miles, uphill both ways.. lol :)