Three Random Thoughts :)

okay so today , at work...i had nothin' to do. drank some coffee, played some *worm* (smart little guy that*, and  counted the minutes till freedom :) did i look for something productive to do? OFCOURSE not *giggle* here is my top 3 random thoughts for today that i actually thought....which is scary lol

*ahem* here goes:

1.  what happend to the backstreet boys? (i know right - wtf? thats random even at my standards lol)
2.  how smart is my puppy really, cause im voting genuis....he got me last night to give him one of my bears....he climbed on the bed....climbed on the      teddy, did a squeeky yawn (the cutest) and went to sleep...i was like *my teddy* and he did a *whimper - puppy eye* combo on me...the bear is now his.
3.  why sometimes does coffee you make yourself taste like crap? *ahem* how wrong can you go? coffee, sugar , water , milk* and yes it was a nasty cuppa ): lol drank it anyway ...pathetic i agree (:

so there you go.....a little random part of me :)

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Nov 30, 2011