Do You Like Jada More Than Me?

Every other Friday, I usually go to lunch with my 8 year old daughter at her school.  It is a fun time and she is at an age where she still wants to be around me so I take advantage.  lol.  

I was there at school with her yesterday, enjoying the best cuisine the school had to offer (ahem) and having a good time talking to my daughter and her friends.  Her friends are cute how they gravitate to the parents.  They come up and say some funny and interesting things.

Child #1:  I know what your favorite color is.
Me:  Really?  Tell me.
Child #1:   RED!
Me:  That is so true.  I love red!  Are you psychic??

Child #2: My favorite color is purple.
Me: That's a pretty color.
Child #2:  I want to paint my room purple with white polka dots.
Me:  Pretty!  You'll never get tired of that.

lol.  It's really fun but also hectic because there are so many kids wanting to chat up the latest parent to come to school.  So, anyway, at the end of lunch  my daughter was elsewhere in the lunch room for a few minutes and this little girl, who is a friend of my daughter, comes up and helps me carry my trash to the trash can.  I thought... "awww, what a well mannered little girl".  Afterward, I told my daughter that her friend was very polite and had helped me with the trash.  Strangely, my daughter got a sad look on her face.  Right at this time, her teacher called them all to class and I had to kiss her good bye.

Fast forward to the walk home from the bus stop.  My daughter and I were walking and suddenly, out of the blue, she asks me the most surprising question.

"Daddy, do you like Jada more than me?"

She was completely serious.  It suddenly became clear to me that this had been on her mind since lunch.

"Oh darling, of course not.  A daddy's little girl is always the most important person in his life."  I hugged her with my free arm since I was carrying her book bag.

"Well daddy, Jada always talks to the parents of my friends and she always tries to be nice to them, but she is not nice to her friends."

So, I realize she and this little girl have some tension between them.  I looked to reassure her.

"Well darling, it was nice that she helped me with the trash, but if she tries to take any time from us at lunch, I will be sure to tell her that you and I are busy talking.  Okay?"

She seemed happy with that and didn't bring it up again.  It is interesting to me that girls have such tender hearts and, really, that never changes, does it? :)

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5 Responses Jan 14, 2012

You are right, we keep out tender hearts. We just learn to hide them better is all. Your daughter knowing that she is the most important thing in the world to you is key to her choosing good relationships later. It's wonderful how much you love her.

It is a wonderful story, and you seem to be a wonderful Dad :) Thank you for sharing it with us.

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No, doesn't! But I never had such a caring and sweet father as you are! Lucky little girl!<br />
Your story made my heart melt. Typical sentimental female behaviour! *rofl*

Because I have an earthly angel, my sweet mom!

Awwww this is a very sweet post, you're an awesome Dad, and yes a girls tender heart never changes.<br />
And its great that you see that. :)