I Am Blessed

Today i truly realized i am blessed. I am such a small speck in the world yet i am blessed.

I can see the beauty that God created around me.. the mommy bird feeding the baby bird. To smell the rain, to feel the sunshine on my face, to take a walk with my dogs, to listen to music, to laughter, to words of love that surround me. I am blessed with a family that are Heaven sent, with friends that excepted me for me.

I know that not everybody believes but i believe and i see Gods love in my life daily, some days i just open my heart & my eyes to it more. my puppy licking my face when i get home, holding him and feeling his heart beat against my hand, makes me realize God is good. Yes, life is hard but i have my health , and enough to survive, to eat, to be warm, to be..okay. When i reach my end, a light flickers at the end of the tunnel, be it a new friend, with advice and help, or just a word of love or a smile.
I am blessed. I praise God for loving me...even when i feel im not worthy.

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2 Responses Mar 5, 2012

It's nice to see when people realize all the little blessings that they are surrounded with every day. I of course, especially love the puppy part! :)

Its about time u see the small things around you, lol! The ordinary everyday things that we all take for granted, they seem to be so small, but they are the most important. U missed something..only because u are too humble to realize it..u attract people to you who are like u, so if u feel blessed just imagine the impact u have on others...yep..take it! Take the love and go give yourself a hearty pat on the back (ok, not that flexable..well I will send u one...wait for it....wait...wait....there it is! Didn't mean to be so rough, sorry about that!) Keep smiling God knows the plans he has for you!! :)

...wow! Thank you....and YOU have enriched MY life...I am truely blessed!