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Ep 101 - The 10 Commandments :)

This is ep 101..and im your teacher Miss Magic....ring the bell....lets get this over with!! *giggle*

Right, today we will be covering the 10 commandments...

:::ep student:::: oe oe miss.......misssssssss...

what??what in the hell would you want to say? i haven't said anything yet!!

::::ep student:::: miss, these commandments are those things on the stone yes?...and then the big bad wolf blew the stone house down yes?

:::head in hands:::: just get out......get out before i hurt you... right.... lets start shall we.

#1: Thou shall never ever **** me off.....specially when i did not sleep well, have not yet had a ciggy or a strong cup of coffee..

::::::the sound of silence fills the class:::::

Good class.....very very good..... *giggle*

#2: Thou shall not flirt , fall for, or think you love Thatguy1970. Yes we broke up, and yes we are just friends, but i don't share well...and he is still back up...back off.....

:::::ep student::::: "whispers" he is kinda cute..

:::slaps student::: NO.....bad puppy...baaaaaaad ..get out!!

#3: Thou shall adore ep royalty like ediezlush & who she deems fit..unless their names starts with K.....*giggle* dont ask..

::::::ep student::::: Miss....miss are you just making up a list of people in your circle and making up ****** rules?

wha?? did you just say ****** in my class??get up...get hold up....come back...lift you shirt..

:::::ep student lifts shirt::::::

*phew* i see ...8 that ..8?

:::::ep student::: uhm yes miss...

right....... bench something for me & you can stay..

::::::::::::10 mins of bench pressing chairs...tables...and missblackmagic passes::::::: pass....*giggle*....really..nice...nice work. okay where was i ...

o yah lol...

#4: thou shall not hate but appreciate avi's containing abs. o come on girls...who cares if it is his abs? they are there....just shhhhh & enjoy.

#5: thou shall not play with trolls on this site ...unless the troll looks as follows

:::::ep student:::: awwwwww...miss i had one like that....his name was tooty and his hair was fruity ::pops gum:::

get OUT!!! get out get out!!! new commandment..taking affect right NOW

#6. Thou shall not be cute...or pop gum in any sweet manner unless your me....:::::pops gum:::: :::::giggle:::::: NOW THATS HOW ITS DONE!! :)

#7. Thou shall send me a pm when going to ep that i can send Ediezlush a care package of nailfile cake and tnt cupcakes :)

#8. Thou shall always respect any post of mine that involves the King...any reference to the KIng....the word Elvis...the surname Presley...ALWAYS!!

::::::ep student::::: miss.....miss isnt he old & dead?

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::this part of ep 101 has been censored due to nasty violence towards idiots and heavy blood shed:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

thou shall not be fake around me.....if you cant be yourself and just be the awesome self you were meant to be.... don't bother....let me know and i will send you your custom sign...

and then finally ....the last ...but most important commandment

enjoy this place for what it is people.....have fun....lets just all get along mmmmkay? good :)

RING THE BELL!!! im done lol

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lol... this is awesome...

Haha np:)

WTF!!!. This was HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!<br />
I just can't stop laughing..... :D

Lol Thanks for the lesson Teach! many valid points!

Well Valiant effort! you try and you succeed!

brilliant! And I thought I knew u so well..always something new to beware of around you. As far as thatguy...I will only go to his profile on unshaven days. I have enough maan issues to keep me busy..fcuk it...I will just quit shaving altogether..last thing I need is someone elses "used" man and the crazy chick who still claims him after me! No thanks! Luv ya, crazy cougar!

I have a great idea..let's get growing together..natural is the new a few months we can baraid our pit hair..what guy wouldn't like that?

Looks like someone's been fingering tinkerbell.........

Everyone knows that tinkerbell is a bit of a nymph

Me if only I could poop glitter too

MissBMagic: Delightful, but I do not like commandments either. And the part about the king, never liked him, never did, never will. His flavour is not tasteful...Otherwise, fine....And the abs-they must be real if you are going to post them. Etiquette is dead...Thank you for your entertainment.

No. I did not mean to offend. I choose my words carefully. We have different flavours that is all. You and your creations are delightful. Just my thoughts...Chill, girl!

:)) (And you need not my approval. After possess a certain magic, correct?)

In the background I hear Van Halen.... "Hot For Teacher"

Your boots or your boobs?

*honk* Nice!

LMFAO!!!!! <br />
<br />
This is why i cant read your stories while im at work! How am i supposed to be taken seriously now that ive giggled?


pffft. You ALWAYS giggle!

Does this mean I have to change my name to Konnet? *quizzical expression*


Oh, no, wait. I get it. :) *wanders off*

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Haha very good story made me laugh :)

Miss, Miss. I hate commandments!

Weeeeeell. Ok

This is brilliant! I'll now just refer people to this story when they're acting the fool.

They gotta learn!

Enjoyed that thank you. I wonder if there are more, anywhere near as good. Think I'll have a little peek some time :)

OK, maybe saved me the trouble of reading them, now I know ;-)

I love your quirky dialog posts! I giggled the entire time....what a great way to start my morning :D xoxo

But miss I like playing with trolls!