Unusual Experience - Next Gen Kids !!

While coming home for lunch yesterday i had to stop at the gate of colony as a school van was parked in the middle of gates....... to enquire i stepped out of car and was surprised to observe that driver of van was forcing a young boy (of around 10-11 years age) to sit in the van.... smelling something wrong, i asked the driver about what happened........ so the case came to light was: two of the boys quarlled in the van and making nuisance.... driver slapped one of them and now, humilited, that boy was refusing to sit in van and adamant to go home on foot....... his elder sister (who was also sitting in the last seats of van) was requesting her to not make a scene... but he was not ready to cool down at all............. in the end she was callinng at home to tell about fight his brother was getting into..... to my sheer luck somebody opened the other side of the gate and i was able to move.... but dont know how this story concluded......... it was rather unusual and surprising experience.!!
grewal1985 grewal1985
26-30, M
May 7, 2012