The Adventures Of Ziggy & Vivi - Part 1 :)

Writers note: (sounds reeeeal official like doesnt it :P )
This one is going to be hard to explain lets just say these two are based on two real girls here on ep. 
They came to life in pm, and i was wondering what to do to make them more awesome then they are in real life, and i figured every story needs a super this case..two :D

Vivi &  Ziggy's battle against (dum dum duuuuum) confession land!

a long long time were two awesome girls who lived in the land of Ep. They were fun loving girls...who also protected the land. Vivi, the girl with the power of sarcasm.....she had the power to "shut yo mouth" if you ever over stepped..she stopped bullshitters in their tracks.

::::::::invisible crowd: ooooooooooooooooooooo.........:::::::::::: :P

and Ziggy....the Girl with the power of Smartassness......she always knows what to say, at the right moment..paralyzing evil with the power of laughter.

::::::::aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh:::::::::::: :P

On this day Vivi & Ziggy decided to go for a picnic and packed their little basket. Hand in hand they skipped thru the forest of Questions...only stopping to smell the comments. Being happy and carefree they were singing their favorite song......

 (aint bragging when its true :P )

After skipping and singing for a while they stopped.....Vivi thought she heard something but Ziggy was sure that it was probably just a lost little gesture looking for his way home. So further and further into the land of ep they went. Suddenly a cloud moved in front of the sun.......thunder started rumbling and darkness started to fall.....
Vivi & Ziggy went to far and did not realize they crossed the border into the untamed land of sex confessions!!!!!

What will our hero's do?? From no where ....a perv attacked with diaper used by his lover.....Vivi dove and pushed Ziggy out of the way
almost taking a hit herself but they managed to find cover. Suddenly they were The poop monster.....the Peequilizer.....and their worst and most scary nemises.....the Balls in Panty man!!

Ziggy looked at Vivi....and Vivi at Ziggy..they knew the end. bolts of lightning they shot out comment after comment at the dangers that threaten them, slapping the poop monster with Flushing right blow......hitting the peequilizer with a loopaperbomb & attacking the balls in panty man with self respect!! 

after what felt like hours , the dust settled...the air cleared....
No evil was to be seen, our hero's did it again, they protected the land of Ep for another day!

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Awe-freakin-some!!!!!!!!!!! :D

lmfao =D

you n viv are quite the pair miss magic lmao =)

*stuffs fist in mouth to stop from making comments about covers* lmfao

LMFAO!!!! Geniussssssssssss

loooove it!

So, do you gals wear spandex?<br />
<br />
mmmmmm.... spannnnnnndex