The Adventures Of Ziggy & Vivi ::::::::the Detective Collection::::: Case #1 :)

So far our heroes have saved the land of ep and they have worked at Ep vice saving the life of a man in trouble.....

so what could be next you ask???
 Thats what :D

Vivi & Ziggy.....
The Case of the Bomb & the Country Song
 ( nice no? :D i think -  best title ever lol)

It was a warm...summer night....The air was thick and the heat as sticky as a pb&j sandwich on a clean floor..
In the Offices of V&Z detectives the ceiling fan was uhm.... fanning (lol) in the background....the sound was hypnotizing....

(v): :::::::wipes brow::::: This heat will kill us Zig, and business is slow....before long....

(z): it will get better Vi....:::::::lights ciggy:::::: it always does....

:::::::::::a knock at the door breaks the silence:::::::::::::::

Ziggy puts her flower back into her hair,  gets up to open the door. Standing there is a handsome stranger......introducing himself as a Mr Pen  Nonymous .

(V) what can we do for you Mr Nonymous ??

(P) Just Call me Pen... *winks*

(Z) Pen, do you have a case for us? 

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::silence:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::  (adds drama lol)

(P) :::::stares into distance:::::: Yes......... Yes it is my wife..

::::::ziggy & Vivi look at each other .....they know this story all to well...or so they thought:::::::::


we will be right back after this message from our sponsor....

 (lmao....i had to)

::::::::::back to the case::::::::::

(p) I think she is going to plant a Bomb at the American Country awards..

having dealt with many different cases..our heroes have nerves of steel...they..are...not....shocked. :P

(v) what makes you say you have any proof?

(p) she was talking to a girlfriend over the phone and all i could hear

(z) *gasp* the awards are tonight.......we will have to you have a photo of your wife..

:::::::pen takes out picture of his wife::::::::::::

(v & z) ::::::slow whistle:::::: wow. 

(z) Vivi !!!!  lets go...

::::::::::::::::::20 min later they flash there badges.....

and bust into the awards::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

(v) ::::::pointing::::: Ziggy!! there she is ....

:::::::::::::Vivi & Ziggy starts running just hearing Pens wife scream........its him....he is the Bomb!!!::::::::::

(z) ::::grabs vivi's arms::::: hold up......::::::giggles:::::...... :::points at stage:::::


(v) I guess we cant arrest her for having good taste in Men & Music :::::laughing::::

(z) now that, thats the truth !

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7 Responses May 9, 2012

This story cracked me up, and I was impressed with the layout and writing! Two thumbs up! If you have more stories like this I need to go catch up! Thanks for the entertainment! :)

Then you may see more replies. I will be off reading your other stories soon! :) Just don't mistaken me for some pervy stalker! I'm simply attracted to your writing style! LOL

lmfao warn me before you do this to me *runs to the bathroom*

-.- meanie lmfao

no offense but i think i could write a better story then u mbm

i ment ur and vivis advt though

so yall are dectives?



Undercover. Ediez? Can I look for your badge?

I do believe my wife would not ob<x>ject to being compared to Lauren Bacall...

you are one lucky man

No lie. I know it. :-)

LOL Im so getting fired for reading these adventures.



How many times do I have to say it before you believe me?

OK. It's coming... and soon.. but not right now... I want to surprise you.