Some Days She Gives Me A Smile...

... even when she is not around.  I dropped my 8 year old daughter off at school this morning.  When I got back to the house, I walked into her room to retrieve a rental DVD that needed to be returned.  On her desk, I found a to-do list she had made for an upcoming sleep over.  I sat there reading it and the biggest smile came over my face.  Then I chuckled at her nature.  She is planning to have fun.  I love that about her. :)

My favorite is #9.  "When all clear, have pillow fight".  lol

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3 Responses May 15, 2012

Mine used to be forever making to-do lists too, and I have saved some of them. Like you have found, the ones designed for play dates are especially amusing. She would write things like, "look in magazines for pictures of cute clothes" and "talk about boys" and my favorite, "Ask the tooth fairy for some money."<br />
I love kids. Yours sounds adorable.

Exactly. They have to make lists so they don't forget anything--not a minute wasted during the all-important sleepover. Very cute.

This cracked me up big time, lol. I think I'm partial to #6 "do whatever." Gotta love when you plan to just do whatever :).

Awww, this is sooooo cute! After all that fun she even plans to "PASS OUT" Gotta love a little kid with such TOTAL forethought!! :D