Winter Breaks My Heart...

Today was the first day of winter in my part of South Africa, and i think it has alot to do with the sadness i feel. I dont mind the cold, just put an extra jersey on, some nice warm boots & some coffee...but...but...

what about the people who have no shelter?? what about babies & children living outside. God knows i would help every soul if i could but how? im so sad over my gran & gran is sick & she had cancer, she survived it but she is so small & weak and the cold, the cold is to much for her frail frame. Im so scared it will be to much for her. now im crying again :( i dont want them to pass......i miss being a little girl...playing games, the smell of choclate in her she lives so far away, how can i go see her when i barely have enough money to make it till the end of the month??i hate struggeling....i hate it.

 i cry for animals. i look at the little birds in the cold & the rain. makes me so sad. and i see the dogs who have no homes and it makes me think of my kids, and i dont understand how people dont care and just let their pets roam free. how can they not worry about them?let them die from hunger & cold? 
i sit at work wondering if my kids (the dogs) are okay. they are in the house but still, its so cold. i wake up at night worrying if they are warm enough and they have beds and pillows to sleep on inside, and then i hear the dog barking in the streets and i wonder where his home is.....i wish i could help...i feel so helpless.

My heart feels so cold, life is upsetting to me. I miss the one i cant have, i fight with people that are cruel to me,
my heart beats tears, confusion and pain right now.

damn you winter....

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4 Responses May 15, 2012

You are an amazing worry so much for others, when you are having your own troubles as well. The world could use more people, just like you...with such warm hearts. You are angel, and a gift to us all.

The thing about Winter is that it means you're that much closer to Spring.<br />
<br />
Winter cold allows for hibernation and for things to mature under the cover of darkness.<br />
<br />
Winter allows us to appreciate the Spring.<br />
<br />
Happy memories give us a foundation upon which we can create new ones.<br />
<br />
As for people who are less fortunate, we can do two things. If we have the opportunity to help, we should. If we cannot, we should be grateful for what we have. We should not contribute to the things that will keep them in their positions.<br />
<br />
Life is about perspective. It's important to be sad. This makes us appreciate the happier times.

This is a very touching story. The world with all of its warmth and light can be cold and dark sometimes too

I also find myself thinking of those without homes, or even those without money to heat their homes during the winter months. It deeply saddens me and I try to imagine being in their shoes. I simply cannot fathom it...having absolutely no place to go or no one to turn to. I see people camped out at intersections during the day holding signs....begging for food. I breaks my heart and if I have a few dollars I always offer it. I have had people tell me how stupid I was to do that....stupid because those without homes are that way by their own accord...stupid because they'll just go buy a bottle. Perhaps some are/will, but I'm certain not ALL, and if my few bucks means the difference between someone eating dinner or going hungry, I'm going to make that difference. Great story sweetie and big hugs to keep you warm :)