Today is the first Monday that I've had to come to work since the beginning of the spring semester. I had classes all day, so I worked a little longer Tuesday through Friday, and then a few hours on Saturday just to make sure everything was set for my assistant to have a smooth day on Monday. It's already shaping up to be an interesting one.

I had just sat down at my desk to enjoy my coffee and sort through the weekend's emails when my phone rang. I barely made it through the greeting when the person on the other end cut in, "Stella, can you come down to the kitchen quick? We need your help." I agreed, though it always makes me nervous when they call me down like that. I've been called down to deal with injured employees, irate customers, broken registers, and once because my hubby had sent an obscenely large bouquet of flowers and balloons for my birthday. I never know what to expect, but it's rarely something pleasant.

So, I downed the last of the coffee and made my way down to the kitchen. I wandered into the room, cautiously looking around to see if the reason for me being down there would be something obvious. No such luck. "Hey, what'd you guys need?" I asked this after finally spotting the couple of cooks that were huddled in one corner of the kitchen.

"There's a possum under the stove."

Thinking I couldn't possibly have heard correctly, I just stared blankly back at the person who called me downstairs. She repeated the statement, but that didn't make it make any more sense to my still under-caffeinated brain. When I asked why they called me down, she explained that since I grew up in the country, and near a lake that happens to be named after possums, they figured I was the best qualified person to deal with the critter. Clearly, they aren't aware of my aversion to furry woodland creatures that have invaded my living/work spaces.

It was at this point that the possum decided to dart from under the stove to the presumably more temperature friendly area underneath one of the prep tables. To my credit, I didn't scream and try to climb to the highest possible perch in the room. I did jump behind the nearest person to make sure that there was someone between me and the possum at all times, but that's a pretty mild reaction compared to what normally happens when anything vaguely rodent-like jumps out of nowhere.  They turned to look at me, apparently surprised that I did not indeed have the skills and knowledge to know how to handle this particular situation. "So....What should we do about the possum, Stella?"

I thought for a few moments, warily eyeballing the pest from my hiding spot behind the guy that makes the bagels...and then did what they probably should have done to begin with. I pulled out my cellphone and called the facilities guys to let them come deal with it, then exited the kitchen as quickly as possible after telling them never to call me down to deal with anything with more than two legs again.

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I had to clarify that for future incidences, if there was a pig or a cow or a goat loose in the kitchen, I'm the person to call. Just no.<br />
<br />
They used a live trap baited with a hotdog to catch it, and then took it over to the park and turned him loose close to the river. I'm sure he's off frolicking and playing with all the other little woodland creatures from Over the Hedge now :).

OMG that's to funny!!!! I can just imagine the looks when you jumped behind the bagel guy lol<br />
<br />
So how did they manage to get the poor thing out??