People I Crossed Paths With This Week

Here are a few people who I crossed paths with this week who stood out in my mind in some way.

A Guy At The Library -  I noticed him walking ahead of me about 15 yards ahead.  I noticed he was limping- badly.  I sensed that his entire left side, leg- arm, was disabled.  I suspected he might have had a stroke in the past.  I walked a little faster to see if I could get the door for him, maybe.  I noticed he was younger than I thought, maybe mid-thirties.  What a bad break to have a stroke at such a young age.  He moved steadily along, limping ahead of me.  I walked more quickly, thinking I would definitely get the door for him if I could get there before him.  But I didn't make it.  He go to the library door first and opened it and held it open for me!  I smiled and thanked him as I accepted his kindness and walked into the library ahead of him.  Silly me.  That guy didn't need my pity.

The Librarian on the Second Floor -  Her name was Thea.  She works in the children's section where my daughter and I have been spending a lot of hours working on her project.  There were few people there at the time and Thea complimented me on my daughter's manners.  I smiled and thanked her for the compliment.  Later, Thea allowed my daughter and I to go to a previously closed room with large tables so we could work on her project in private.  She is a friendly lady.

Joe the homeless(?) guy -  A man stopped by to chat with me while I was in my front yard.  He made small talk, told me his name is Joe.  His clothes looked ragged and I sensed he might be homeless.  I thought maybe he would ask me for money or food, but he didn't.  He just talked.  It was warm out so I asked him if he would like some iced tea.  He seemed surprised that I asked. He said yes.  I poured both of us a glass and we continued to chat for a few minutes.  He thanked me for the tea and left.  Nice fellow.

A girl who held a door for me -  I sometimes think people in our society lack manners.  A few people still hold doors for others but many just keep on trucking without worrying about it.  Recently, I had a bag in both hands as I approached a door out of a mall.  A young college age woman saw me approaching the door and went out of her way to open it for me.  I smiled and thanked her.  Manners still exist, it seems.

The lady at the convenience store -  She is usually cheerful and always charges me less than the normal price for my fountain drink when I come in there.  i hope she doesn't get in trouble for it.  It is nice of her though.

One rude person can ruin a person's day, I think.  But I've learned that there are quite a few interesting people who cross my path on any given day and most of them are kind.   It makes me feel good to interact with people like these I've mentioned.  Maybe you have similar experiences during your week?

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4 Responses May 24, 2012

It's great that you can see the good things in life and not just be focused on the bad. If you go around mad all day at the slights, I think it makes you unhappy and grumpy. I try - but sometimes fail - to be cheerful and helpful around others. I would like to think that my small act of kindness brightened someone's day. It raises my mood to be polite and forgiving of others unintended gafs, too. Thanks for the great post.

its very difficult for me to say ''thank you''<br />
i dont know why<br />
eventhough i say sometimes i say at a low voice they couldnt hear

Aww what a really nice read!! I LOVE to hear about folks day to day exchanges are like and this was especially uplifting today.....My real time world, for the most part, is a pretty chipper place and stories like this make weathering the occasional "funk" I find online way easier to walk away from and ignore!! Thanks! :D

Thanks for this story. I like to hold the door, smile at people, help when needed and appreciate when others do the same for me.<br />
You are a very positive person I think. Such a nice gesture to give this guy an iced tea.<br />
People like you and the ones you mentioned make the difference in our society! :-)

It's sad that it isn't the norm. Most people are in such stress and stuck in their own little sorrows that they only can see themselves.