The Lameness Of Guys Sometimes.

Pick up lines---
Hey, you are pretty. success rate(SR). 0,000002%

Hey, you look hot. SR. 0,000001%

I love you. SR. 0,000002%

Hey babe. SR. - 0,2 %

Brahhh!!.. saw this totaly hot chick man!!... **** dawg, you gotta see her!!, got her number!. Im gonna score!.
*reply*- "Huh?"
Oh sorry babe, wrong numbah!..
SR. Deletion as a contact, 95% chance.

Im awesome. SR, 0,1 %

*Dual raising of the eyebrows when you spot target girl*. 50% chance of creepo alert.

*Adjust crotch region for maximum complimentary viewableness*. 90% chance of getting the line "Do that somewhere els".

Fracking hail im firetrucking so many gals:. 90% chance of 5 seconds pause to process information.. Then followed by a "eh?".

Greet every guy you know like you were part of some secret underground bro army. 20% chance she thinks you are famous, 95% chance she will be dissapointed later.

*Constantly flex in any situation*. 70% chance she will wonder what kind of disease you have.

Get your mother to do the talking for you, SR, 3%.

"Hey, Sorry in advance for being so blunt, but I thought you are so cute and I noticed how kind you are treating your kid and just wanted to say I think you are an awesome mother cause so many people are too harsh and cruel to ther kids. and well.. I just wanted to say that :). And I dont wanna bother you so ill be on my way again." First slightly confused, SR 30%.
Waitt.. hell no!.. thats almost useful!. *Comeback and kick the kid into a lake*. Jail, 99%. Massive failure of negative, -100%.

Stop trying.SR 10% chance everyday you are outside for more then 3 hours.. If ther are people ther.... If ther are many.... people... and its also a big + if your not on fire.

Lumberjack jesus has spoken.

Peace off!!...(Dang that wasent original). uhhh...
Tanuron Tanuron
26-30, M
1 Response Jul 11, 2012

From a guy's point of view this was hilarious. Especially having tended bar and watched a lot of these "Swing and a miss!" attempts. Especially after they get shot down, the guys reactions are great afterward. Thanks for sharing.

:D, thats cool, lol. And yes working at a bar I can imagine you would see that a lot, lol. and thx! :D.