Just a thought, but wouldn't it be nice if we could use Skype to talk to people in Heaven?
abbylea abbylea 56-60, F 10 Responses Jul 12, 2012

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That would be amazing!

it would be nice to talk with my mom!

That would be great. I do still talk to my parents, they don't answer, but I talk to them about things. Makes me feel better

Wonderful idea! I would like to skype with my beloved granny and grandpa. :)

It would be nice. Thank-you.

I hope it is too, thank-you for your comment.

good idea - hope the broad band is working there

Sorry Patty it would be nice to skype people in heaven it would be a wonderful to do so, but you still need your bare bottom spanked over my knee !!

Yes, I probably do.

Any time you want Patty !! i will pull your panties down young lady , and spank your bare bottom !! xxx I think you know thats what you realy need !!

I don't skype, but if I could speak with my late wife, I would.

I don't skype either, but would love to talk to my late husband.

Don't be so stupid Patty !!

Thank-you for your comment.

You are more than welcome Patty !!

Of course that would be wonderful - that is my unscripted answer. But probably we would be afraid if we would have listen to the recorded message: "There is no such number." Probably skeptics would still exist. They would poke doubts. Do you think all human beings would trust in God and life on earth would become more fair for all human beings if it would be possible to talk to people in Heaven?